10 Interesting Facts about The Colosseum

Those are the following facts about The Colosseum which probably give you some information about this building. The Colosseum or Coliseum also well known as Flavian Amphitheatre. Colosseum is a amphitheatre which located in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. The materials on build include concrete and stone. The following facts about The Colosseum which you need to know are below.

Facts about The Colosseum 1 : Greatest Work Human Architecture

The Colosseum set as the largest amphitheatre of Roman Empire. And also it considered as the greatest work human architecture and engineering on the world.

Facts about The Colosseum 2 : Beginning on Constrution

It built on much past time, which headed by the emperor Vespasian in 80 AD under his succesor and Titus. Also the modification held in reign of Domitian (81- 96 AD). There were three emperors which had part on the built of Colosseum such as Flavian Dinasty, Latin and Flavius.

Facts 2 Colloseum in Rome

Facts about The Colosseum 3 : Estimated Spectator

Colosseum is a large building which can be entered by much people. The spectator which can be hold into Colosseum estimated between 50,000 and 80,000. Its totally a large spectators.

Facts about The Colosseum 4 : Uses

The Colosseum were used in some event on Rome Emperor, such as gladiatorial contest and also for public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, etc. It also used in the drama of the old mithology of Rome. So it had the entertainment function.

Facts 4 Colloseum Ses Titus

Facts about The Colosseum 5 : Partially Ruined

The Colosseum now can be seen as the partially building on Rome. The cause was damaged because the earthquake and the stone robbers. And to protect the point of its historical, the state goverment of Italy didn’t make any renovations of this building.

Facts about The Colosseum 6 : Symbol of Imperial Rome

The Colosseum was built on the imperial era of Rome. So its have nearly historials point especially from the emperor one. And it was the most popular tourist attractions which has close connections with the Roman Catholic Church. Mostly religion activities also held in there.

Facts 6 Interior of Colosseum

Facts about The Colosseum 7 : New 7 Wonder of the World

The new wonder of the world had non permanent of some place into the world. It get beats for every part of year so that many place have the same chance to be the one of the wonders. The Colosseum was become one of the wonders in 2007. It occured because Colosseum was elected into the competition which organized by New Open World Corporation (NOWC).

Facts about The Colosseum 8 : The Size

Colosseum as the free standing structure. The Colosseum was a big building built in Rome Empire. It has 189 metres (615 ft/640 Roman feet) long. Also 156 metres (510 ft/528 Roman feet) wide. Base area is 24,000 square metres (6 acres). The outer walls is 48 metres (157 ft/165 Roman feet). Then the perimetary measured in 545 metres (1,788 ft/1,835 Roman feet). The central area which oval has 87 m (287 ft) long and 55 m (180 ft) wide, which surrounded by a wall with 5 m (15 ft) high.

Facts 8 The Colosseum Arena

Facts about The Colosseum 9 : Exterior and Interior

The two main part set as the important part of the Colosseum. The exterior describe the condition which looked on the out of the Colosseum. It consist by the wall with different size of high. Then the interior is a space to Roman to get some entertainment. With a special space for the emperor.

Facts about The Colosseum 10 : Colosseum and Christians

There are no evidence of historical which describe the connections between Colosseum and the Christiand. Colosseum nearlier with the Catholic. One of the connection is the Christiants used on the criminal one, which their crime were being refusal to reverence the Roman gods. But Christiants had more religion activities in Circus Maximus.

Facts 10 Exterior of Colosseum

These are the following facts about The Colosseum. The facts are interesting, so that you need to take it to improve your own informations.

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