The Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge

One of these following facts about The Brooklyn Bridge might give you much informations about this bridge. Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in United States. Brooklyn Bridge built on 1883, and it connecs Borough Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City across The East River. This bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world since its opened to 1903, also this bridge was the first steel cable suspension bridge. For addition information, you might want to know the facts about The Brooklyn Bridge below.

Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 1 : First Named in “New York and Brooklyn Bridge”

This bridge first known as New York and Brooklyn Bridge and but in letter to editor in Brooklyn Daily Eagle in January 25th 1867. So that goverment named this bridge with Brooklyn Bridge on 1995.

Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 2 : Designed by John Augustus Roebling

The Brooklyn Bridge was designed by German immigrant named John Augustus Roebling that previously designed many suspension bridges. Such as, Roebling’s Delaware Aquedyct in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania, Waco Suspension Bridge in Waco, Texas and John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio.


 Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 3 : Opened in May 24 1883

The Brooklyn Bridge opened for public use on May 24, 1883. The opening ceremony in simbolic by President Chester A. Arthur and Mayor Franklin Edson crossed the bridge to celebratory cannon fire and were greeted by Brooklyn Mayor Seth Low when Brooklyn side tower reached by them.

Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 4 : Has Wide Pedestrian Walkway

Brooklyn Bridge has wide pedestrian walkway that crossed into walkers and cyclist. It located in the center of the bridge and designed higher than the automobile lanes.


Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 5: Used by People Leaving Manhattan after World Trade Center Attack

After subway service suspened by World Trade Center attack, people used this bridge to leaving Manhattan for their safe. It made the traffic on this bridge becomed busy and it affected in its endurance.

 Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 6 : Had a Swaying Motion in 2003

Because of the 2003 event, many crossing reported a swaying motion. It caused by much higher pedestrian load than usual, many walkers has footfall with a sway, so that it amplifying the motion. Many engineers concern on what going to be happen on this bridge though this bridge designed in inclusion of the three cable systems that make it secure.


 Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 7 : Publised in Magazine La America

An article named “The Bridge of Brooklyn” written by The Cuban poet Jose Marti publised in Magazine La America on June 1883. It publised shortly after the bridge opened for public use.

 Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 8 : Love Locks of The Brooklyn Bridge

As the cultural in The Brooklyn Bridge, there is one culture that called Love Locks. It did by the couple that have been lived around the bridge. Or constantly, people outer the bridge came to have a love lock to compromised their promise on love.


 Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 9 : References to “Selling the Brooklyn Bridge”

This reference appear abound in the American culture. It used to add a trust from others about what of peolpe said. As example, “if you believe that,, I’ve got a bridge to sell you”. This references perpetrated by George C. Parker and William McCloundy.

 Facts about The Brooklyn Bridge 10 : Book of Poetry about The Brooklyn Bridge

Hart Crane, The Modernist American poet used The Brooklyn Bridge as a the central metaphor on his important book of poetry. The book of poetry titled by The Bridge.


Those are some facts about The Brooklyn Bridge. Hope you find out the interesting ones and add it into your own mind.

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