10 Interesting Facts about The Chinese Culture

These are the following facts about The Chinese Culture which contain information you should know. The Chinese Culture was one of the oldest culture on the world. The porportion of the Chinese tride largely in eastern Asia. This culture have some important components such as ceramics, architecture, music, literature, martial arts, cuisine, visual arts, religion etc. And these are the following facts which want you to know below.

Facts about The Chinese Culture 1 : Language

There was a standart classical chinese from the ancient age, but it only can learned by the top class of the literature knowledge. The Mandarin finally set on the 20th century. Quickly, the classical chinese then replaced.

Facts about The Chinese Culture 2 : Ethnic Group

There are much of group in the ethnic traditional in China and Han as the largest one. And each group had their own tradition. It can be the culture variaties.

Facts 2 Ethnic Group

Facts 2 Ethnic Group

Facts about The Chinese Culture 3 : Spiritually

There are 3 big holy figures such as Guan Yin, Jade Emperor and Buddha. Some on chinese ritual are get down on that three big figures. The ritual had similarly same.

Facts about The Chinese Culture 4 : Literature

Chinese literature was had high development by some dinasty on past history. One of the most important early texts include I Ching and Shujing which had Four Books and Five Classics. The texts include concept of Yin and Yang, Qi, Four Pillars of Destiny are avaible on the contents of text.

Facts 2 Ethnic Group

Facts 2 Ethnic Group

Facts about The Chinese Culture 5 : Music and Dance

The art on Chinese Culture including on music and dance. The evidence on music cultural founded from Zhou Dynasty (1122 BCE – 256 BCE) dated back on the dawn of Chinese civilization.

Facts about The Chinese Culture 6 : Chinese Art

The art has a large expansion, including on the poetry, folk art, and performance art. The music and poetry of Chinese influenced by the Book of Songs, also the works by Qu Yuan. Chinese paintings also appreciated on the worlds. It had much variety of Shan Shui specialized style from Ming Dinasty painting.

Facts 2 Ethnic Group

Facts 2 Ethnic Group

Facts about The Chinese Culture 7 : Games

Mah Jong is the most common game from Chinese. It officially known by the world and applied in many feature. Some of other games are Pai Gow, Shanghai Solitaire, Bone Domino, etc.

Facts about The Chinese Culture 8 : Architecture

The architecture had developed in 2,000 years ago. The example of the kind of architecture found in Forbidden City. Symmetry is the important features of Chinese Architecture. It applies in palaces and farmhouses. Also there is a development in gardens design, make the garden nature as herself.

Facts 8 Architecture

Facts 8 Architecture

Facts about The Chinese Culture 9 : Cuisine

The cuisine on Chinese was a recipe from the dynasty culture. The recipe applied from the past till now so that the past dishes are really near with present citizens.

Facts about The Chinese Culture 10 : Fashion

There were much kind of fashion based on different social classes. The traditional one come from the Emperor such as the Qing Dynasty. Some traditional clothing such as the cheongsam or qipao, before the Qing Dynasty reffered as Hanfu or Han Chinese clothing. Largely, symbols such as phoenix are usually applied.

Facts 8 Architecture

Facts 8 Architecture

Those are the facts about The Chinese Culture. Hopefully, that facts become the main information for you to read.

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