10 Interesting Facts about The Caribbean Sea

Those facts about The Caribbean sea which probably give your information about this sea. The Caribbean sea is a sea of Atlantic Ocean. It located in Western Hemisphere. Caribbean Sea is known as one of the largest seas. It has an area about 2,754,000 km2 . The deepest area of the sea is the Cayman Trough. It located between Cayman Islands and Jamaica. The depth is 7,686 m (25,220 ft) below sea level. To know more information about Caribbean Sea, here is the facts about The Caribbean sea.

Facts about The Caribbean sea 1 : History

The name “Caribbean” is taken from dominant Native American groups in the region during the late 15th century. The Caribbean Sea was unknown to the populations until 1492, when first sailing of Christopher Columbus was started. Following the discovery of Christopher Columbus, the area colonist by several Western cultures fastly.

Facts about The Caribbean sea 2 : Home of the Islands

This area is the home to 22 island territories and borders 12 continental countries. Based on the abundance of sunshine, year-round tropical temperature moderated by the almost constant trade winds, and the great variety of cenic destinations to visit. During the second half of 20th to 21st, Caribbean sea became popular place for tourism.

Facts 2 Map of The Carribean Sea

Facts about The Caribbean sea 3 : Geology

The Caribbean Sea is separated from ocean by several island of some ages. The larger islands in the northern part of the sea Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico lie on an older island arc. The geological age of Caribbean Sea is not known but it is estimated to have age approximately 160-180 million years old.

Facts about The Caribbean sea 4 : Oceanography

The temperature is influenced by el Nino and la Nina. The salinity of sea water is about 3.6% and its density is 1.0235-1.0240 103 kg/m3. The water color on the surface is blue-green to green.

Facts 4 Carribean Sea View from Bodden Town

Facts about The Caribbean sea 5 : Ecology

Caribbean Sea can be called as home of coral reefs. The sea is covered about 20,000 square miles (52,000 km2 ) of corals. Coral reefs support some of the most diverse marine habitats in the world.

Facts about The Caribbean sea 6 : Weather

The weather in Caribbean is influenced by the Guf Stream and Humboldt Current ocean currents. Because it has tropical climate, it helps the water to maintain a warm temperature ranging from the low of 70 to mid 80 Fahrenheit (21-29°C). It also has focal area for many hurricanes within the Western Hemisphere.

Facts 6 Average Sea Temperature

Facts about The Caribbean sea 7 : Vegetation

The condition of the soil and the climate influence the species diversity. In Caribbean sea is estimated that 13 thousand species of plant grow in the Caribbean of which 6.5 thousand are endemic. For instance guaiac wood whose flower is the national flower of Jamaica and Bayahibe Rose which is the national flower of Dominican Republic and the Ceiba which is the national tree of Puerto Rico and Guatemala.

Facts about The Caribbean sea 8 : Fauna

In the Caribbean sea lives around 450 species of fish, including Sharks, Silky Shark, Caribbean Reef Shark, Flying Fish, Angel fish, and many more. There are 90 species of mammals including Sperm whales, Humpback whales and Dolphins. Beside that, there are 500 species of reptiles (94% are endemic) and 170 species of amphibians are endemic too.

Facts 8 Green Sea Turtle

Facts about The Caribbean sea 9 : Economy

The Caribbean region supports a large tourist industry. The Caribbean Tourism Organization calculates that 12 million people visit this place per year. Diving and snorkeling become the tourists interest. It becomes contribution to their economies.

Facts about The Caribbean sea 10 : Pollution

Human activities cause pollution. The Pan American Health Organization estimated in 1992 that only about 10% of the sewage from Central American and Caribbean Island countries is properly being released into the sea.

Facts 10 Coral Reef with No Pollution

Those are the facts about The Caribbean sea. Hopefully those facts give additional information for you to read.

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