10 Interesting Facts about California Gold Rush

These following facts about California Gold Rush which probably give you some informations about the California Gold Rush. California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848. It was sarted when James W. Marshall found gold at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California. Many people told that the news of gold brought some 300,000 people to California from the rest of the United States and Abroad. There are approximately 300,000 gold, half arrived by sea and half came overland from the east. Here, the complete facts will be shown.

Facts about California Gold Rush 1: History

California Gold Rush began at Sutter’s Mill, near Coloma. It began when James W. Marshall found shiny metal in the tailrace. Marshall then brought it to John Sutter. Then, it was tested. After the test, it proved that it was gold. When, he knew that it was gold, he was still keep silent because he feared what would happen to his plans for an agriculturl empire if there were a mass search for gold.

Facts about California Gold Rush 2: Gold Seekers

The gold-seekers were called “forty-niners”. They travel by sailing ship and covered wagon. Firstly, the gold nuggets should be picked off the ground. Then, gold was recovered from streamsusing simple techniques, like panning. When the gold is peak, the technology advances significantly. Then, it became important during its period.

gold seeker

Facts about California Gold Rush 3: Gold Effect

The effects of the Gold Rush were very important. San Frasisco grew from small settlement of about 200 residents in 1946. During ths time, roads and other towns were built through California. In 1850, California became a state as part of the Compromise.

Facts about California Gold Rush 4: Gold Rush Spreading

In 1849, Gold Rush had sprad around the world. Actually, the number of gold-seekers and merchants arrived from every continent. The largest group of forty-niner in 1948 were Americans.

gold rush spreading

Facts about California Gold Rush 5: Transportation

The transportation was developed as steamships came into regular service. In 1869, the railroads were built across the country from California to the eastern United States.

Facts about California Gold Rush 6 :Legal Rights

Almost all of the goldfields were grants. The goldfields were on public land. These was owned by United States Government. In spite of, there were no legal rules and no practical enforcement.

legal rights

Facts about California Gold Rush 7 : Profit

Half of the gold-seekers made a modest profit. However, tose arriving later, or losing money. During this period, many merchants became unluckily. Fortunately, there was a businessman who is successful.

Facts about California Gold Rush 8 :Path of the Gold

The gold took many paths. Much of the gold was used to purchase food, supplies, and lodging for the miners. It was also used towards entertainment; traveling theater to alcohol, gambling, and prostitutes. The merchants and vendors used the gold to purchase supplies from ship to California.

path of the gold

Facts about California Gold Rush 9 :Development of Goverment

The agriculture became large during this time. Roads, school, churches, and civic developed quickly. The major immigrant dominated by Americans. The government developed by the pressure for better communications and political connections.

Facts about California Gold Rush 10: Economic Stimulation

Gold Rush gave many changes. It stimulated economies around the world. Chile, Australia, Hawaii found a new market. The large amounts of California gold to pay for these goods grew the prices and the insvestment.

economic stimulations

Those are the following facts about California Gold Rush. After read this following facts hope youwill get additional informations.

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