10 Interesting Facts about The Civil Rights Movement

Those are the following facts about the Civil Rights Movement which probably give you some information about this movement. The Civil Rights Movement also known as The 1960s Civil Rights Movement was a social movements in United States especially on South whose goals to end the racial regegration and discrimination against black Americans. These are the following facts which you need to know about this movement.

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 1 : Secure Black American’s Right

Before 1954, Black American used to get no legal rights. So that, this movement has goals to secure legal recognition and federal protection of the citizen rights in the constitution and federal law.

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 2 : The Situations

Between 1955 to 1968, there were some nonviolent protest and civil disobedience which caused of the crisis situations and productive dialogues between movement activis and goverment authorities. The authoritiens immediately respond the situations and faced the inequities rights which received by African Americans.

Facts 2 Integration

Facts 2 Integration

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 3 : Boycott

The forms of protest called by boycott. The boycott consisted Montgomery Bus Boycott (Alabama 1955-195), the influential Greensboro sit-ins (1960) in North Carolina, Marches such as the Selma Montgomery Marches (1965 in Alabama) and the other nonviolent activities.

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 4 : Forms of Discriminations

Civil Rights Act of 1965 had some rules occured by movement. The main rule was banned on discrimination on race, color, religion and national origin in employment practice and public accomodations. It all because the African-Americans get some unfair rights so that they can live as freely as the American people.

Facts 4 Airbone at Little Rock Central High

Facts 4 Airbone at Little Rock Central High

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 5 :  Key Events

The Civil Rights Movement occured on separated events before. First, black students of Virginia protested for their unequal status in the state’s segregated educational system. Andt he Montmogery Bus Boycott when the white refused to spare the whole bus seat with the black one. Then the desegregating Little Rock Central High School. As that events done, so that the movement immediately occured.

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 6 : Concerned Respond

During the Freedom Rides which spread around the world consisted the burning bus and savage beating in Aniston ad Birmingham, John F. Kennedy became concerned with civil rights in mid-May 1960. It all because that was the embarrassing time, and if the movement continously held will be into Cold War.

Facts 6 Robert F. Kennedy Speech

Facts 6 Robert F. Kennedy Speech

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 7 : Anti-Apartheid Movement

John F. Kennedy took a tour in South Africa (1966) which he championed the Anti-Apartheid Movement. The international praise at a time was grained by John F. Kennedy because of most politicians dared to entangle themselve into politics in South Africa.

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 8 : Supported by Community

Jewish Community was non black groups but it supported the African-Americans to get their rights. The form of support such as concert with African-Americans for CORE, SCLS and SNCC as a full time organizer and also took some volunteer on it. Because of it, half of the civil attorneys active in the South during 1960s.

Facts 8 The Civil Rights Movement

Facts 8 The Civil Rights Movement

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 9 : The Prison

Mississippi State Penitentiary then known as Parchman Farm was part of public discussion of civil rights after the activist were imprisoned there. The discussion was about the evidence of the murders, rapes, beatings and others abuses.

Facts about The Civil Rights Movement 10 : Cold War

The Third World had nearly come, meanwhile image of American democracy had slowly down. Leader of the free world were not consisted in America, because of the citizens to severe racial discrimination and violence. It was the major reason in the goverment to support civil rights legislation.

Facts 10 Supreme Materials

Facts 10 Supreme Materials

Those are the facts about The Civil Rights Movement which you need to know. Hopefully all the facts shown here will be additional informations for you to read.

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