10 Interesting Facts about The Cliffs Moher

Those are the following facts about The Cliffs Moher which probably give you some information about it. The Cliffs Moher located in southwestern edge of the Burren region in Country Clare, Ireland. It rise in 120 metrs (390 ft) above The Atlantic Ocean. The height is 214 metres (792 ft) about eight kilometres at the north of O’Briens Tower. And here’s all the following facts about The Cliffs Moher.

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 1 : Name

The Cliffs was named by an old fort called Moher. Moher once stood in Hag’s Head, the southernmost point of the cliffs. Thomas Johnson Westropp reffered to in 1905 as Moher Ui Ruis or Moher Ui Ruidhin was stood on the cliffs so that the cliffs named in The Cliffs Moher.

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 2 : Famous Destination

The cliffs are one of the famous destination located in Ireland. And in 2006, the cliffs had top attractions because of almost one million visitors were there. In 2011, the cliffs formed as the Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark. It was the family of geotourism destination in Europe.

Facts 2 Cliffs from South

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 3 : Visitors Experience

In the 1990s, Clare Country Council first initiated plans of development to enable visitors experience without the intrunsive man made amenities. The Cliff of Moher Visitor Experience built into hillside approaching the cliffs.

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 4 : The Cliffs Facilities

€32 million facility was planned and continously built over 17 year period. Then officially opened in February 2007. Some facility such as media display on geology, history, flora and fauna of the cliffs and many more. The best one is the screen displays of a bird’s eye view from the cliffs.

Facts 4 The Cliffs at 19th Century

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 5 : The Charge

The charge on adult €6 and the children under 16 have free of charge. The charges consist on parking, access the visitor centre and Atantic Edge exhibiton. There is plus charge on the development on the cliffs’s conservation and safety.

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 6 : Award

The Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience won an award on the Interpret Britain and Ireland Award in 2007. It awarded by Association of Heritage Interpretation (AHI). It award on the one of the best facilites that served in the visitors.

Facts 6 Visitor Centre

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 7 : Geology and Wildlife

The cliffs consist many beds of Namurian shale and sandstone. It because the located around the ocean. The oldest rocks found at the bottom of the cliffs. That it makes possibility on seeing 300 million years old river channels.

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 8 : The Birds

30,000 birds generally living in the cliffs. It has more than 20 species. The birds include Atlantic Puffins, which live in large of colonies at isolated parts of the cliffs and the Goat Island. Also the hawks, guils, guillemots, shags, ravens and choughs.

Facts 8 Cliffs of Moher Cruise

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 9 : Appeared on Films

The cliffs is the popular naturally place. The cliffs were appeared in film, such as The Princess Bride (1987), Harry Potter and the Hlaf-Blood Prince (2009) and Leap Year (2010).

Facts about The Cliffs Moher 10 : Appeared on Music Videos

Some music videos used the cliffs as their setting of place. Including the Maroon 5 single with titled “Runaway”. Also Westlife had their music video in the cliffs on their single with titled “My Love” and etc.

Facts 10 Cliffs seen from Beach

Those are the following facts about The Cliffs Moher. Some of the facts hopefully give you important informations into your whole life.

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