10 Interesting Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin

Here, we will discuss more in Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin. Generally, the Cotton-top Tamarin is a small New World monkey with the weight around 500 g. It is one of the smallest primates in the world. To know more details, check these following lists.

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 1: Naming

Its binomial name is Saguinus Oedipus but it is known as” Cotton-top Tamarin” and “Cotton-headed Tamarin” in English. It is called those names because of the white hair that spans its head flowing down past the neck. It is called “bichichi” in Spanish and “Lisztaffe” in German-speaking areas.

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 2: Physical Characteristics

The Cotton-top Tamarin has small body with weights around 432 g (on average). Its head–body length is 20.8–25.9 cm (8.2–10.2 in) while its tail—which is not prehensile—is slightly longer at around 33–41 cm (13–16 in).

Facts 2 (Physical Characteristics)

Facts 2 (Physical Characteristics)

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 3: Not Sexually Dimorphic

Some animals are sexually dimorphic, for example lion, tiger and some fish. Different with those animals, the Cotton-top Tamarin is not sexually dimorphic. It means the male and female are of a similar size and weight.

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 4: Divided into Three Groups

Based on their facial characteristic, they are generally categorized into three groups. These three groups are hairy-face, mottled face and bare-face.

Facts 4 (Divided Into Three Groups)

Facts 4 (Divided Into Three Groups)

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 5: Eat Fruit and Animal Material

Commonly, its foods are consisting of fruit and animal material. This includes insects, plant exudates (gum, sap, nectar) and sometimes reptiles and amphibians.

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 6: Habitat and Distribution

It can be found in both primary and secondary forests. Paramillo National Park which consists of 460,000 hectares is one of the most important areas for the Cotton-top Tamarin.

Facts 6 (Habitat and Distribution)

Facts 6 (Habitat and Distribution)

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 7: Extremely Vigilant

The Cotton-top Tamarin is extremely aware and careful to notice danger. One individual will become a lookout to warn the group (if it sees a threat) when the group is resting. Raptors, mustelids, felids and snakes are the main predators of the Cotton-top Tamarin.

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 8: Communication

Its communication vocalizes with birdlike whistles, soft chirping sounds, high-pitched trilling, and staccato calls.

Facts 8 (Communication)

Facts 8 (Communication)

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 9: Life Span

In the wild, the Cotton-top Tamarin can live for 13 years (on averages). While in captivity, it can live for 24 years.

Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin 10: The Proyecto Titi

In 1985, The Proyecto Titi or Project Tamarin was formed to supply information and encourage conservation of the Cotton-top Tamarin and its habitat in Northern Colombia. In this project, the researcher s and volunteers combine field research, education and community programs to spread awareness about this endangered species. They also encourage the public to take participation in its protection.

Facts 10 (The Proyecto Titi)

Facts 10 (The Proyecto Titi)

Hopefully those interesting Facts about the Cotton-top Tamarin will enrich your knowledge about the Cotton-top Tamarin.

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