10 Interesting Piranha Facts

In this post I will show you the facts about piranha. Piranha is one of the deadliest animals that you can see living on the river. When you swim and met piranha under water, you will only have small chance to escape from their sharp teeth. Even though this animal is a bit frightening for us, it will be nice if we spend a little time to know more about it by reading several facts about piranha.

1.Piranha habitat

The first point of facts about piranha tells you about their habitat. You can see them living under water in the river. Recently, the people find that this creepy animal live in the Kaptai Lake. It is a lake located in is the south east of Bangladesh.

Facts about piranha a school of piranhas 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: a school of piranhas


2.Description of Piranha

Piranha is a cruel freshwater fish equipped with sharp teeth. They are carnivorous for they love to eat meat. The fish is mostly found in the river in South America. In the Venezuelan River, this animal is called as Cribes by the local society.

Facts about piranha big piranha 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: big piranha


3.classification of Piranha

This animal is included in the order of Characiformes and in the family of Characidae. One of the best habitats that you can visit to find Piranha is the Amazon basin. It lives on the Orinoco River. You should be careful when you meet them.

Facts about piranha deadly piranha 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: deadly piranha


4.Piranha teeth

The powerful feature that you can see on this ferocious animal is the teeth. They are so sharp. In both jaws, you can find a row of triangle, pointed and large teeth. They can crash the meat easily.

Facts about piranha hungry piranha 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: hungry piranha


5.species of Piranha

Based on the research, the species of piranha is up to 60 types. Piranha also lives collectively within a school of fish. A school of piranha can contain up to 1000 fish.

Facts about piranha exploring river1 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: exploring river


6.Cannibal piranha

Piranha is a cannibal animal. Under certain circumstances like the frenzied state or even under fed state. The Piranha will eat other Piranhas in order to get some meat to survive.

Facts about piranha jaws 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: jaws


7.physical appearance

The seventh point of the facts about Piranha is the physical appearance. The weight of this fish is about 23.5 kilogram. The life span can reach up to 25 years. The length of this animal is measuring up to 18 inches.

Facts about piranha piranha fish 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: piranha fish


8.Food for piranha

Piranha is included as a carnivore. They love to eat meat. Their favorite foods include insects, plants, fish, meat, seeds, bird and carrion. The indigenous people who live near the habitat of Piranha use the teeth of piranha as weapons.

Facts about piranha piranhas head 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: piranha's head


9.predator for piranha

Piranha is the favorite food for some animals. The animals which live to hunt Piranha include dolphins, crocodile, cormorant, and turtles. Piranha is a famous animal. It appeared in a James bond Movie entitled as You Only Live Twice.

Facts about piranha powerful piranha 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: powerful piranha


10.Piranha attacks

Based on the last point of facts about piranha, some scientists state that the attack of piranha to human being is exceedingly rare. It gives us a little treat, but we should be careful since this fish is equipped with sensory system to detect blood.

Facts about piranha red bellied piranhas 10 Interesting Piranha Facts

Facts about piranha: red bellied piranhas


What do you think related to the piranha facts?

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  1. vickey says:

    piranhas are the last thing i would like to see in life

  2. Laura says:

    Actually, the Piranhas are omnivores, only very rare species can kill a person, and they are not as vicious as they are displayed to be. Dont insult them, they do what they need to do to survive.

  3. jasmene says:

    piranhas will not be eaten by me and that’s the truth

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    great website ithelped me with my reserch big time

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    Very important article

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