10 Interesting Facts about the London Bridge

If you want to know about the bridge which spans on River Thames, you have to check out Facts about The London Bridge. This bridge is one of the famous historical landmarks that people like to visit when they are in London. It spans on the City of London and Southwark in central London.

Facts about The London Bridge 1: the traffic

The London Bridge was opened for the first time for traffic in 1973. The current crossing is box Girger Bridge. It was made from steel and concrete.

Facts about The London Bridge 2: replacement

The steel and concrete are stronger and durable.  The 19th century stone arched bridge was replaced with stronger bridge.


London Bridge Facts

London Bridge Facts

Facts about The London Bridge 3: the popular nursery rhyme

London Bridge is inspiration in art and literature.  The “London Bridge Is Falling Down” used the bridge as the main subject. It is one of the most popular nursery rhymes.

Facts about The London Bridge 4: the today’s position

The position of London Bridge today is different from the previous position. It is located 98 feet or 30 meter upstream from the preceded placement.  You can find the bridge at the western end of Poll of London. Find out an important in event in London Olympic 2012 facts.

London Bridge Images

London Bridge Images

Facts about The London Bridge 5: the traditional end

In the medieval era, the bridge was famous with traditional ends.  At the northern bank, people could see St Magnus the Martyr. On the southern shore, they saw Southwark cathedral.

Facts about The London Bridge 6: the only road crossing

London Bridge got the record as the only road crossing on Thames downstream until 1929. Then people could access Putney Bridge opened in 1729 as the alternative.

London Bridge View

London Bridge View

Facts about the London Bridge 7: Bridge House Estates

Bridge House Estates is the independent charity. It is supervised by City of London Corporation.  This charity maintained and owned the modern bridge. Greater London Authority maintains the A3 road.

Facts about The London Bridge 8: the business improvement district

People can enjoy the business improvement district on the area located between The Tower Bridge and London Bridge. It is situated at the southern bank of River Thames.

London Bridge

London Bridge

Facts about The London Bridge 9: the first London Bridge

People assume that the Roman military built the first London Bridge. It was established by the Roman to make the conquest easier. Get facts about the city of London here.

Facts about The London Bridge 10: in popular culture and literature

London Bridge becomes the main subject in many popular literature and culture. T.S. Eliot’s masterpiece “The Waste Land” features the Old London Bridge.

Facts about the London Bridge

Facts about the London Bridge

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