10 Interesting Facts about The Cherokee

There are 10 interesting facts about the Cherokee might probably give you informations about this culture. The cherokee is a tribe which indege nous to the Southeastern United States (Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina). They speak in Iroquoan language. And here its come the facts about the Cherokee.

Facts about The Cherokee 1 : Migrated

In 19th century, their oral tradition was recorded by historians and ethnographers, that they have been migrated south from the Great Lakes region. It all evidenced when some people of Great Lakes region speak Iroquoan too.

Facts about The Cherokee 2 : Five Civilized Tribe

The Cherokee became the one of the “Five Civilized Tribe” in United States. They have adopted the European American settlers. They called as the first if civilized tribe on 19th.

Facts 2. Cherokees

Facts about The Cherokee 3 : The Population

Based on the 2010 sensus, showed that the Cherokee had more than 314,000 which means the Cherokee had the largest population than 566 other native tribes in United States. They have much of lineage in America.

Facts about The Cherokee 4 : Name

Their name is Ani-Yunwiya, which has means “Principal People”. Some historians have tried to found the term of the Cherokee. They found that the means of Cherokee is “those who live in the cave country” and some said “those who live in the mountains”.

Facts 4 Cherokee

Facts about The Cherokee 5 : Culture

The Cherooke provide the culture of art, consist The Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual inc of Cherokee. And also have some artist which cooperatively provide a venue for traditional Easteen Band Cherokee artists. There is a Museum of the Cherokee Indian too, which display permanent and changing exhibits, houses archieves and some collection describing the Cherokee histories.

Facts about The Cherokee 6 : Marriage

Before the 19th century, pologamy was a common thing especially for the elite one. But that rule only replied on Cherokee tribe. Then, there was such an usual thing if the Cherokee man had married with the European-American women. But that unsual not a long time used, then the state legally allowed the Cherokee man having marriage with the European-American woman but in some conditions.

Facts 6 Culture of Cherooke

Facts about the Cherokee 7 : Herbal Tradition

The Cherokee had a near relation with the plants. They used plants to make a herbalism include common agrimony to treat fever,  blue false indigo which has root used in an herbal tea and treat tooth aches also nausea. They had common sense from plants to heal much disease. They used a little chemical medine on healing the disease.

Facts about The Cherokee 8 : Languange and Written

The language is Iroquoian, which is polysynthetic and also written in a syllabary invented by Sequoyah. They at first had a problem on their written, but some scholarly found the new way  to establish their writing.

Facts 8 Cherokee

Facts about The Cherokee 9 : Goverment

After had a terrible problem which made much poverty and also violences, then they get on set up the goverment. They adopted European-American Representative democratic to retain their lands. Completely the adoption take, than the rule of marriage Cherokee and non-Cherokee had set free.

Facts about The Cherokee 10 : Modern Cherokee

The Cherokee Nation in modern times define some expansion on economic growth, equality and prosperity for the citizens. Thy developing a significant bussiness, the agriculturual interests, and real estate.

Facts 10. Flag of Cherokee Nation

Those are the facts about The Cherokee. Hope that following facts become the thing you should add in your mind.

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