10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

The Pearl Harbor facts will remind you about something vital and memorable in the past. If you are a person who loves to get informed about history, you need to know much about the interesting Pearl Harbor facts. This tragedy leaves deep pain for both Japanese and American people.

The attack of Pearl Harbor conducted by the Japanese Empire is called as the Operation AI or Hawaii Operation.The Japanese fleet flew away to Hawaii to assail the American naval base. Let’s discuss about the Pearl Harbor facts below to gain much detail information.

1.Gibraltar of the Pacific

This location of the attack is also recognized by some people as the Gibraltar of Pacific. This Hawaii naval base featured ten miles square area which can be navigated easily. Many of the headquarters of the American Fleets stay in this location. That’s the first Pearl Harbor facts.

Gibraltar of the Pacific1 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Facts : Gibraltar of the Pacific

2.World War II

The World War II became the second Pearl Harbor facts. The day after the Japanese fleet destroyed Pearl Harbor, the World War II was officially launched. At that time, United States as well as Great Britain also declared that they would fight against the Japanese Imperial as a return of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Air Plane Crash 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Facts: Air Plane Crash

3. Japanese fleet

There were two waves of Japanese air planes which came to Pearl Harbor. Based on the Pearl Harbor facts, it could be stated that the first wave of the Japanese fleet came at 7:55 where there were 183 fleets. An hour after the first wave, there were 167 fleets came to support. The battle was unavoidable. The Japanese fleet had destroyed 188 air planes, 3 unit cruisers, 8 battleships, 3 unit destroyers and 1 minelayer. There were 350 airplanes delivered to this place, but the Japan only lost 29 aircrafts.

Backdrop of Japanese Attack 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor facts: Backdrop of Japanese Attack

4.Japanese Failure and US Victims

The Japanese fleet also experienced some failure in this attack. There were 3 US aircraft carriers along with a fuel base tank were able to get rid of this attack. The carriers were the Lexington, Enterprise and Saratoga. The victims from the US army were counted as followed. The military that had been wounded were 1,247 people whereas the civilians were 35. The killed military were 2.402; meanwhile the civilians were 57 people.

Japanese fleet 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Facts: Japanese Fleet


5. General Walter Short

The next pearl harbor facts that you need to know is the about the destiny of the important people in the US army at that time. After the attack, the general Walter Short as well as the Admiral Husband Kimble was resigned from their existing position.

Pearl Harbor1 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Facts: Aircraft Crash


6. The Backdrop of the Japanese Attack

There were many issues which had been the driven factor of the Japanese Empire’s intention to attack the US’s base. Some of them were because of the economical factor. US had conducted an embargo against Japan. The outside factor like the Italian Fascist as well as Nazi movement had a great impact on the Japanese empire.

Pearl Harbor Facts Pearl Harbor Memorial 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Facts: Pearl Harbor Memorial


7. Jeannette Rankin from Montana

Jeannette Rankin from Montana is one of the important people when talking about Pearl Harbor facts. The US congress discussed about the Pearl Harbor attack on 8th December 1941. All of the representatives of the states voted to have a war against Japan. The only person who refused such idea was the only Jeannette Rankin from Montana.

Pearl Harbor Attack 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Attack

8. Time needed by Japanese

The Japanese military took the journey up to ninety minutes to attain its target and dropped a bomb in this US military base. Actually the US army can prevent the situation. A couple minutes before the attack occurred, the radar have detected the fleet, but one of the army stated that it was the B-17 fleet which was supposed to land in this base.

Pearl Harbor War 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor War


9. The Worst Damage of US Battleship

There were 4 US battleships destroyed by the Japanese aircraft in very worst condition. The first is the USS Arizona. Then it was followed by the UUS Nevada and USS Oklahoma respectively. The USS Arizona then was decided to be drowned on the sea on 17th march 1947. The last battleship is the USS West Virginia.

Pearl Harbor Wreckage 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Wreckage


10. Pearl Harbor Memorial Monument

The last facts about Pearl Harbor were the memorial monument built on 30th May 1962. It is located in the wreckage of the USS Arizona battleship. Each year, you may see that such place it utilized as the commemorate center to memorize the US heroes. This is the last Pearl Harbor facts.

Victim of Pearl Harbor Attack 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Facts: Victim of Pearl Harbor Attack

Do You know those 10 Pearl Harbor Facts? If you know more facts about Pearl Harbor  feel free to share with us here.

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