10 Interesting Facts about the Mouth

Facts about The Mouth tell you about a part of human face that you can use to smile, frown, talk, or even whistle. The mouth has to work with the tongue and teeth if we want to eat food or even speak. This part of the body is very important. It will be difficult for us to eat and speak if the mouth is not functioned well. Here are facts about mouth for you:

Facts about The Mouth 1: chewing food

When we chew food, the mouth should work together with teeth and tongue. The liquid lubricant or enzymes will be released to help it digested.  The first step of in the digestion system happened in the mouth.

Facts about The Mouth 2: the tongue

The tongue is located inside the mouth. The main function of this tongue during the digestive process is to locate the food. We will be able to taste the food by having the tongue.

facts about the Mouth

facts about the Mouth

Facts about The Mouth 3: teeth

You have to concern about the teeth. They are like our bones. You need to make them healthy and clean. The teeth have nerves and blood supply. The top part of the teeth that you can see with eyes is called the crown.

Facts about The Mouth 4: the hardest part

Do you know the hardest part of your body? It is your teeth. You can chew the hard food using the teeth easily.

Mouth Facts

Mouth Facts

Facts about The Mouth 5: part of tooth

Besides the crown, there are several other parts of the tooth such as the enamels, dentin, root, and pulps. The nerves and blood vessels are located inside the pulp. The enamel is harder than the dentin.

Facts about The Mouth 6: the teeth of human being

When the kids are 3 years old, they have around 20 teeth. They are called the primary teeth but they are just temporary teeth which will fall when kids grow older. The permanent teeth will come and push the temporary teeth when they are 5 or 6 years old.  When they are adult, they have 32 teeth. Get another part of human body in hand facts.

Mouth Inside

Mouth Inside

Facts about The Mouth 7: other objects inside the mouth

Other objects beside the tongue and teeth that you can find inside the mouth are the tonsils, palate and uvula.

Facts about The Mouth 8: palate

Palate is used to define the roof of the mouth.

Mouth Parts

Mouth Parts

Facts about The Mouth 9: uvula

At the back of your throat, you can find the dangling thing called uvula. Get another body part in ear facts.

Facts about The Mouth 10: the tonsils

The tonsils remind you with the little pillars. You can find them at the back of the throat.

Mouth Pic

Mouth Pic

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