10 Interesting Facts about the Marines

Facts about The Marines give the interesting information about the life of the marines. One of the famous marine corporals is Jason Dunham. This man got the attention from the world after he covered a live grenade with his body and helmet. His action saved two fellow marines.

Facts about the Marines 1: Drew Carey

Drew Carey is the famous comedian now. Do you know that he had served the Marine Corps for 8 years? During his service as a marine, he often told his fellow marines a lot of jokes.

Facts about the Marines 2: Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Gupta was a CNN medical correspondent and neurosurgeon. During the opening day of the invasion in Iraq, he saved a marine’s life. The marine was shot in the head. He used a black and Decker handle drill to do the brain surgery. The man was alive.


The Marines Corps

The Marines Corps

Facts about the Marines 3: Jacklyn Lucas

Jacklyn Lucas was awarded with a medal of honor at the age of 17. Actually he joined the marine illegally for three years. But he was very loyal to his team by throwing himself on the top of two grenades to save his team.  He was survived after the accident.

Facts about the Marines 4: US Marine Corps

Do you know that the United States Marine Corps is older than the age of United States? It only predated the Declaration of Independence one year.

The Marines Facts

The Marines Facts

Facts about The Marines 5: the reading list

Those who want to be enlisted in the US marines should learn various kinds of items. You need to learn about the Ender’s Game, US constitution, war histories and biographies.

Facts about the Marines 6: War Is a Racket

War Is a Racket is the bestselling book written by Smedley D. Butler. This man was a USMC general. He also earned Medal of Honor. His book talks on how the wars exist to enrich the corporation.

The Marines Pic

The Marines Pic

Facts about The Marines 7: Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle had his early career as a US marine Lt. Colonel. He had shared the experience in Afghanistan, Liberia and Kosovo for more than 23 years. Today, you can find him in the showbiz world. See his performance in The Hangover, The Daily Show, SNL and 21 Jump Street. Get facts about Korean war here.

Facts about the Marines 8: Carlos Hathcock

Carlos Hathcock was one of the famous snipers in the world. He could shot the eye of the enemy’s sniper.

The Marines

The Marines

Facts about the Marines 9: Reckless

Reckless is the name of a marine horse. It gained prominence after the horse carried 9000 lbs of ammo. Get facts about the first world war here.

Facts about the Marines 10: Montel Williams

Montel Williams was famous as a host in a talk show. He had his career as a naval intelligence cryptologic officer.

Facts about The Marines

Facts about The Marines

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