10 Interesting Facts About The Cello

Those are the following facts about The Cello should probably give you information about it. The Cello is the abbreviation of Violoncello. Cello is bowed string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths. It is  member of violin family of musical instruments. The cello is used as solo musical instrument. It becomes the second-largest bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra, the double bass being the largest. More facts will be shown below.

Facts about The Cello 1 : Etymology

The name “cello” is a contraction of the word violoncello. It has meaning little violone. Name “violoncello” contained augmentative “one” means big and “cello means little. In the 20th century, it name had become shorten to “cello”. Then, “viol”is derived from the root viola that means stringed instrument.

Facts about The Cello 2 : History

Cello is a legacy of the ancestor. The direct ancestor to the violence was the bass violin. The bass violin was referred to “violone” or “large viola”. In early of 16th century the bass violin and the viola da gamba appear.

Facts 2 Cello Close Up

Facts about The Cello 3 : Closest to Human Voice

Cello is most closely associated with European classical music. It has been described as the closest sounding instrument to the human voice. The instrument is a part of the standard orchestra and is bass voice of the string quartet.

Facts about The Cello 4 : Orchestral

Cellos become part of symphony orchestra, which includes eight to twelve players. Usually, all the players of this cello is seating and their left hand hold on the cello. Principal player always sit closest to the audience.

Facts 4 Orchestra

Facts about The Cello 5 : Quartets and other ensembles

Cello becomes the member of traditional string quartet and other mixed ensembles. There are many pieces written pieces for two, three, four  or more cellos. The type of ensemble is called “cello choir”.

Facts about The Cello 6 : Popular Music

In the 1960s, many artists used cello in popular music. The Beatles and Cher also used cello in their musics. In Jazz, there are artists used cello as a solo instrument. Cello can also be used in bluegrass and folk music, with notable players including Ben Solee of the Sparrow Quartet.

Facts 6 Apocalyptica

Facts about The Cello 7 : Cello Construction

Typically, cello is made from wood. It also use other materials such as carbon fiber or alumunium. A traditional cello has a spruce top, with maple for the back, sides, and neck. The sides or ribs are made by heating the wood and bending it around forms.

Facts about The Cello 8 : Size of Cello

Cello has standard size. Full-size or 4/4 but also made in smaller (fractional) size (e.g. 7/8, 3/4, 1/2, ¼, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16). The smaller cellos are identical to the standard cellos in contruction, range, and usage.

Facts 8 Main Part of Chello


Facts about The Cello 9 : Cello’s Sound

When a string is bowed or plucked, it vibrates and moves the air around it. So, the sound is produced. Because the string is quite thin, not much air is moved by the string itself, and consequently if the string was not mounted an a hollow body, the sound would be weak.

Facts about The Cello 10 : Bridge and f-holes

The bridge holds the strings above the cello ant transfer the vibrations to the top of the instrument. The f-holes also act as access point to the interior of the cello for maintenance. Sometimes a small hose contains a water-soaked sponge.

Facts 10 The Bridge of Chello

Those are the facts about The Cello. That following facts hopefully give some benefit on some case on your life.

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