10 Interesting Facts about Piano

Those who love listening to music would have found these facts about piano really interesting to read. If you can play a piano, then your sense of music might be better than other who cannot. Playing a piano can sometimes be hard on some people, but if you also learn hard, then it will become really easy. This article will bring and give you some interesting things about piano that you have never known before. To get to know more about it, here are the other facts about piano you may love.

Facts about piano 1: Steinway Piano

The famous Steinway pianos that have become the benchmark for well-crafted pianos could have had a completely different name. Henry Steinway changed his name from Engelhard Steinweg after arriving in the United States and starting his own company.

Facts about piano 2: Parts of Piano

While a piano may seem like a simple instrument to operate, it has more than 12,000 parts, 10,000 of which are moving. The extensive number of moving parts is one reason why tuning a piano can be such an involved process.

Facts about piano - Steinway Piano

Facts about piano – Steinway Piano

Facts about piano 3: Mechanism

Every piano has a mechanism that moves the hammers back to their original position as soon as they touch the strings. Without this mechanism, the hammers would simply sit on the strings and dampen the sound.

Facts about piano 4: Invention

In comparison to many other instruments, the piano is relatively new. It was invented in 1698 by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Italy.

Facts about piano - Bartolomeo Cristofori

Facts about piano – Bartolomeo Cristofori

Facts about piano 5: “The King of Instruments”

The piano has earned the moniker “The King of Instruments” primarily for its wide tonal range. The piano can reach the lowest note of the contrabassoon and the highest note of the piccolo. There is no other orchestral instrument that can match its complete tonal range.

Facts about piano 6: Amount

There are more than 10 million pianos in homes, businesses, and other institutions throughout the United States.

Facts about piano - Wooden Piano

Facts about piano – Wooden Piano

Facts about piano 7: Strings

A standard piano has about 230 strings, each of which has about 165 pounds of tension. The combined tension of the strings is more than 18 tons. For the concert grand piano, that number increases to more than 30 tons.

Facts about piano 8: Bartolomeo Cristofori

Piano inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori made very few pianos and instead chose to focus on the harpsichord.

Facts about piano - Ivory-made piano keys

Facts about piano – Ivory-made piano keys

Facts about piano 9: Ivory-made Piano Keys

Piano keys were originally made from ivory, thus the origin of the phrase, “tickle the ivories.” This lasted until the 1950s, when cost and environmental concerns caused piano makers to switch to plastic keys.

Facts about piano 10: Tuning

A new piano needs to be tuned at least four times in the first year. Seasonal changes in temperature and humidity will cause the piano to go out of tune. After the first year, it should be tuned twice a year.

Facts about piano - Glass piano

Facts about piano – Glass piano

Listening to someone playing a piano would be really amazing. Some people say that it would stimulate your brain. If you’re now pregnant, then you should let your baby hear the music from piano. It’s said that it would make your baby smarter. Hope this piano facts would be really interesting for you to read.

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