10 Interesting River Facts

Let’s get closer with the nature by learning much about the river facts below. River is one of the vital aspects in human life. You may use it not only as natural resources of water, but it is also functioned for transportation, fishing, and sightseeing. Maintaining the healthy condition of a river is a must if people want to stay fit and healthy. In this post I will tell you about 10 important river facts. I hope you enjoy the following information on the list.

1.Missouri River

The first point of the river facts talk about the Missouri River. If you live in United States, I believe that you are familiar with river. It is considered as the longest river in US. The length of this river is on the measurement of 3,770 kilometer or 2.340 miles. The Mississippi River is slightly shorter than the Missouri River. If the two rivers are integrated, the length comes in the measurement of 3092 miles or 6275 kilometer.

River Facts Missouri River 10 Interesting River Facts

River Facts: Missouri River


2.Nile River

Not it comes for us to tell you about the longest river in the world. Even though Missouri River is so long in US, the title of the longest river is taken by Nile River. This river passes some African countries like Egypt. The length stretches around 4132 miles or 6650 kilometer.

River Facts Nile River 10 Interesting River Facts

River Facts: Nile River


3.Amazon river

The third point of river facts informs you with the second longest river in the world. The record is taken by Amazon River. It also passes some countries like Brazil. The length is counted up to 4000 miles or 6400 kilometer.

River Facts Amazon river 10 Interesting River Facts

River Facts: Amazon river


4.Hudson River

A big accident occurred in Hudson River on 15th January 2009. An emergency landing took place in Hudson River after a US airways plane was hit by a group of birds. The landing ended successfully. Everyone still lived.

River Facts Hudson River 10 Interesting River Facts

River Facts: Hudson River



Milks are everyone’s favorite drink since it is healthy for the body. Based on the river facts, I can say that 49 gallons of water are needed to make 1/8 ounce glass of milk. What a fascinating fact!

River Facts Indus River 10 Interesting River Facts

River Facts: Indus River


6.The Colorado River

If you have visited Colorado River, I think you know that it flows to the western side of US and north western Mexico. This river is considered as the original place of the Hoover Dam.

River Facts Colorado River 10 Interesting River Facts

River Facts: Colorado River


7.Clean water

The clean water in this present day is something rare and expensive to get. Based on the river facts, more than 1.2 billion people cannot get the fresh water. Such condition is affected by the water pollution and poverty.

River Facts fresh water 10 Interesting River Facts

8.Polluted river

We know that a river is significant especially as a fresh source of water. However, it seems that people does not realize the value of keeping the river clean and fresh. There are some polluted rivers that you can find all over the world. The most terrible ones can be seen on the Indus, Ganges and Yangtze River.

River Facts Yangtze River 10 Interesting River Facts

River Facts: Yangtze River


9.Function of river

River is multifunctional. Without having any river, the life of human will be difficult. You can use it for bathing, transportation, fishing, rating, swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, and many other activities.

River Facts Ganges 10 Interesting River Facts

River Facts: Ganges


10.Water in US

The consumption of water in each country is different. As example, more than 80 % consumption of water is used to produce the thermo electrical power as well for the irrigation of crops in US.

River Facts Fishing 10 Interesting River Facts

River Facts: Fishing


If you have any opinion related to the facts about rivers, you can fill the comment box below.

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