10 Interesting Tornado Facts

The tornado facts below hopefully will be useful to inform the people about the truth of this kind of disaster. It will be inappropriate actually to call the tornado facts as interesting since this disaster often causes a great damage on the people’s property as well as kills many victims. Below you will get 10 interesting tornado facts. Let’s see the list now.

1.Signs of tornado

If you live in a place with higher tornado risk, you should be able to read the signs so that you can anticipate and save your life and family. Normally the signs can be found in the dark sky, noisy roar, and also shady cloud. If you see such appearance, it is better for you to be prepared.

Tornado facts Signs of tornado2 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: Signs of tornado


2.Tornado in America

America is a country which has higher level of tornado risk. Based on the tornado facts, you should know that 800 tornadoes have occurred in this region. More than 1500 residents are wounded while the killed victims are 80 people.

Tornado facts Tornado in US 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: Tornado in US


3.Tornado term

Tornado is called by some different terms in some countries. Twister is the most popular name to call this disaster. But you should never call it as cyclone since both are different.

Tornado facts Destruction 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: Destruction


4.Tornado speed

Let’s see the fourth tornado facts talked about its speed. If tornado occurs in your region, it will be impossible for us to run away since the speed of this natural disaster can reach the level of 250 miles per hour.

Tornado facts tornado disaster 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: tornado disaster


5.Fujita Scale

There is a term used to define the level of damage caused by tornado. It is called as F-Scale of Fujita Scale. There are six scales that you should know. Those are the F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, and also F6.

Tornado facts Tornado speed 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: Tornado speed


6.Tornado and its region

The scientists have observed each tornado occurred in some continents like Asia, Europe, America, and Australia attacked by tornado. Antarctica has not been investigated related to the occurrence of tornado.

Tornado facts Tornado and its region 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: Tornado and its region


7.Multiple tornados

The greatest destruction can be seen when there is more than one tornado occurred at the same time. This condition can be seen in some parts of the countries like America which has experienced such terrible disaster.

Tornado facts Multiple tornados 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: Multiple tornados


8.Transparent tornado

You will always see that the tornado looks black and dark. Such color occurs because of the debris and dust taken. If such materials are gone, you can see the transparent tornado.

Tornado facts Transparent tornado 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: Transparent tornado


9.F0 and F6

The most dangerous type of tornado is measured by F6 or Fujita Scale of F6. This scale represents the total destruction caused by twister. Hopefully such situation will never occur in the world.  If the Fujita Scale is in F0, you will get minor damages like the broken trees and damaged board on the road.

Tornado facts F0 and F61 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: F0 and F6


10.Meaning of tornado

Have you ever thought about the origin of the word tornado? This word is derived from Spanish language of Tronada. It means thunderstorm in English. The thunderstorm is related to tornado since it is most possibly can cause the formation of tornado.

Tornado facts damage1 10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Tornado facts: damage

Do you want to add something more related to the facts about tornado?

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    we saw a tornado at the usm we was running to the illimiti center at the usm then BAM we saw blue light and ther the tornado

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