10 Interesting Facts about Canadian Space Agency

One of these following facts about Canadian Space Agency should give you much information about the Canadian space agency. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) was established by Canadian Space Agency. It was formed on March 1, 1989. The president of the agency is Walter Natynczyk . He was appointed as president on August 6, 2013. The headquarters is locaten t John H. Chapman Space Centre in Saint_Hubert, Quebec.  It also has the other office branches in Ottawa, Ontario at the David Florida Laboratory, and small offices in Washington, D.C, Paris, Cape Canaveral, Florida, and, Houston, Texas.  The complete facts will be served here.

Facts about Canadian Space Agency 1: History

The origins of the Canadian is the trace of Second World War. In 1957, scientists and engineers at the Canadian Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment (DRTE) embarked on a project known as the Topside Sounder Project. It would work soon as the lead of thee development of Canada’s first satellite.

Facts about Canadian Space Agency 2: CSA Satellite

By the launching of Alloutte 1 in September 1962, Canada became the third country that put satellite into space. The technical excellence of the satellite,, which lasted for ten years. This undertaking was shown that an International Milestone of Electrical Engineering by IEEE in 1993.

CSA satelit

Facts about Canadian Space Agency 3: Cooperation with ESA

Canadian Space Agency has been an “associated member of European Space Agency (ESA) that about three decades. It also has collaborative programs with space agencies in other countries, for instance NASA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Indian Space Research Organization.

Facts about Canadian Space Agency 4: Canadian Space Program

The Canadian Space Program is a program of Canadian Space Agency. Canada has contributed technology, professional to the world space effort, especially in collaboration with NASA and ESA.

canadian space program

Facts about Canadian Space Agency 5 :The Mandate of Canadian Space

Canadian Space Agency promotes the peaceful use and development of space as the mandate. The knowledge of space is advanced through science, The Canadian Space Agency’s mission states that the agency is committed to leading the development of space knowledge.

Facts about Canadian Space Agency 6: Astronauts Recruitment

Canadian Space Agency has been recruiting three tims for astronauts. In 19833 as the first recruitment. Led to the selection were Roberta Bondar, Marc Garneau, Robert Thirsk, Kenneth Money, Bjarni Tryggvason, and Steve MacLean.The second recruitment in 1992, selected Chris Hadfield, Julie Payette, Dafydd Williams, and Mike Mackay. The third recruitment on may 13, 2009, the selection process stated two new astronauts, Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques. By the end of 2012, there have been 17 astronouts by Canadians.

astronot recruitmentFacts about Canadian Space Agency 7: Canadian Technology

Some Canadian technological contributions to space exploration include Canadarm on the Space Shuttle, as well as the Canadarm 2 and the rest of the Mobile Servicing System on the International Space Station. Other technology of Canadian is the Orbiter Boom sensor System.

Facts about Canadian Space Agency 8 :Commercial Satellite

There are some commercial satellite launched by telecommunications company name Telesat Canada. There are 13 satellites. Technology and research satellites have been developed by the University of Toronto.

commercial satelite

Facts about Canadian Space Agency 9: Canadian Astronauts

Canadian Astronauts, Chris Hadfield launched aboard a Soyuz  spacecraft to reach International Space Station on December 19, 2012. In the second half of his mission, Hadfield became the first Canadian commandr. He carried out scientific experiments, Operated Canadarm 2, and performed various robotic tasks.

Facts about Canadian Space Agency 10: CSA Program

CSA is the lead agency for the Polar Communication and Weather mission (PCW). It planned to launch two satellites in polar orbit to provide Canadian authorities with improved weather information and communication capabilities. Launching two satellites in 2016 and funding for further development became the mission of the program.

csa program

Those are the facts about Canadian Space Agency. There are many interesting facts. Hope those points give much informations that give benefit for all people.

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