10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

In this post I will show you the 10 interesting Sacagawea facts. She is one of the famous Indian women in America discussed by the people until the present day. This woman was sold a French-Canadian trader named as Toussaint Charbonneau. The marriage definitely is not filled with love relationship. Sacagawea had a son. She named him as Pomp. In Shoshone, The word means first born. If you are curious to know more about Sacagawea facts, let’s see the list of Sacagawea facts below.


Sacagawea came from the Indian tribe of Shoshone. When she reached the age of fifteen, she joined a group of white men for an expedition. She took her 2-month old infant through the journey. The life of Sacagawea is hard to tell since the information is limited. The people can only gain some information by reading journal made by Lewis and Clark.

Sacagawea facts sacagaweas journey 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: sacagawea journey



The expedition of Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea occurred in November, 1804. When she was introduced to these men by her trapper husband, Sacagawea decided to make a journey with Clark and Lewis to explore some areas in US which later we recognize as Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and North Dakota.

Sacagawea facts coin 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: coin


3.Name of Sacagawea

Sacagawea is one of the notorious women in US history. There are some natural features named by using Sacagawea. In total, there are four mountains, 2 lakes and a river. However, the people do not know on how to pronoun her name correctly.

Sacagawea facts exploration 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: exploration


4.US Mint

If you see your face appearing on the official coin of the state, you will be proud. The face of Sacagawea along with her son called as Pomp appears on one side of the coin in 2000. Actually there are 17 American women nominated to appear in the coin such as Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Sacagawea facts Lewis 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: Lewis


5.Meaning of Sacagawea

The fifth point of Sacagawea facts is about the meaning of her name. In Hidatsa, the word Sacagawea has the meaning of bird. The word wea means woman. Thus, we may think that Sacagawea means bird woman. Some people who live in North Dakota believe that the pronunciation of her name should be Sakakawea.

Sacagawea facts Sacagawea Expedition 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: Sacagawea Expedition


6. Clark and Lewis

The journey which tells the people about this Indian woman is written by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Her name was written many times in the journal. It depicted about her temper, characters, actual words, feeling as well as physical appearance.

Sacagawea facts sacagawea statue 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: sacagawea statue


7. Sacagawea early life

Sacagawea was born in a place which people recognize it now as Idaho. The exact date of birth of this woman is not known. However, some people speculate that she was born on 1788 located in Lemhi County.

Sacagawea facts sacagawea with son 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: sacagawea with son


8. George Washington

When Sacagawea was born, US people were ruled by the President George Washington. This nation at that time consisted from thirteen states along the Atlantic coast. When the position of the president was held by Thomas Jefferson, the region of this country was from Atlantic to Pacific coast.

Sacagawea facts sacagewea 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: sacagewea


9. Sacagawea in journey

It must be an unbelievable journey for Sacagawea when she met her people. This happy moment occurred on 15th August 1805. She danced happily and jumped down. When she approached the Indian people, they sucked her finger.

Sacagawea facts William Clark 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: William Clark


10. Chief of the Shoshone

The last point of Sacagawea facts is about chief of Shoshone.  This position was held by Cameakwait. When she met him, she realized that all of her family died. He only had 2 bother and her elder’s sister child.

Sacagawea facts Sacagawea Expedition1 10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea facts: Sacagawea Expedition


Have you informed much related to the facts about Sacagawea?

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