10 Interesting Facts about the Midwest

Facts about The Midwest talk about the cultural crossroads. The easterners decided to move in the beginning of 1800s because they wanted to search for a better farmland. The Europeans decided to migrate directly to the interior by bypassing the East Coast. The Norwegians and Swedes decided to migrate to Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Germans moved to eastern Missouri. Here are other facts about the Midwest.

Facts about The Midwest 1: the fertile soil

The people looked for the fertile soil so that they could grow the crops well. The region gave these people abundant harvest since they could grow corn, oats and wheat. The people then call it as breadbasket.

Facts about The Midwest 2: the area of Midwest

Do you know that Midwest has flat area? The settlers in Midwest sold their foodstuff to the market and created homes here.

Midwest Facts

Midwest Facts

Facts about The Midwest 3: The Mississippi river

The Mississippi river was very important to the people. It served as the regional lifeline. There are two classic American books inspired from the river. Life on the Mississippi and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn were written by Mark Twain. It was only a pseudonym. His real name was Samuel Clemens. He was a native Missourian.Get facts about Mississippi River here.

Facts about The Midwest 4: characters

Let’s find out the characters of the Midwesterners. They are famous as the straightforward, friendly and open minded people. Even though the politics in the region tend to be cautious, the protest can pepper it.

Midwest Images

Midwest Images

Facts about the Midwest 5: the Republican Party

The Republican Party is one of the important parties in United States. It was developed in Midwest in 1850s. The main purpose of this party is to oppose the slavery in US.

Facts about The Midwest 6: the four geographic regions

The Midwest is one of four geographic regions in United States. The region is situated in the central part of US. Until 1984, the Census Bureau called it North Central Region. There are 12 states included in Midwest United States. Those are Kansas, Michigan, North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota.

Midwest Pictures

Midwest Pictures

Facts about The Midwest 7: the population

The state with the least population is North Dakota, while Illinois has the record with the most population in Midwest.

Facts about The Midwest 8: the population in Midwest

The region is occupied by at least 65,377,684 based on the report of United States Census in 2012.

Midwest Road

Midwest Road

Facts about The Midwest 9: division of Midwest

Midwest is divided on two areas. The first one is west North Central Division. The states included in this division are Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The states included in East North Central Division are Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Get facts about Illinois here.

Facts about The Midwest 10: the rivers

The major river besides the Upper Mississippi River is the Missouri River and Ohio River.

Facts about the Midwest

Facts about the Midwest

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