The Most Unique Lamp Design

lamp a means of lighting  in our homes. now there are thousands of designs talah lights, there are in suspension, the paste on the wall or in the model also lights up. now also serves as a decorative lamp in the house or gardens. This case emphasizes the uniqueness of a lamp. Here is list of The Most Unique Lamp Design!

1. Coin Lamp

The Most Unique Lamp Design coin lamp

Coin Lamp

This lamp was designed by Jethro Macey. for meyalakannya, you must insert a coin into it on the lamp hole.

2. Mushroom lamp

the most unique lamp design Mushroom lamp

Mushroom lamp

lighting design is similar to mushrooms. This lamp is energy efficient because it only uses 4 AA batteries efficient. This lamp sold for $ 12.

3. Titanic Lamp

the most unique lamp design Titanic Lamp

Titanic Lamp

Titanic Lamp by Charles Trevelyan, as the name suggests, these lights lpembuatan inspired by the movie titanic, titanic the ship so that the lights like that again divided.

4 Alien Abduction Lamp

the most unique lamp design Alien Abduction Lamp

Alien Abduction Lamp

The designer is Lasse Klein. From the name of this lamp was plasticity made similar scenes abducted Alien / retrieve objects to live there in the earth to the aircraft. besides as lumpah lighting lamps can also be used as a garnish. But unfortunately, this light is only at concept stage and has not been produced.

5. The colgao

the most unique lamp design The colgao

The colgao

The colgao be regarded as a sinister light. This lamp in the design studio enpanza in Spain. The design is like a man who hanged (In spanish language = “The colgao“) from the pole vertically hanging lamp.

6. Hurdle lighting

the most unique lamp design Hurdle lighting

Hurdle lighting

Designed by Koreans Lee Suk Woo and which Byeon Dong Jin, was awarded Special Mention in 2007 Lightouch Design Competition in Singapore. This lamp has a structure similar goal in the design of light both horizontally and vertically like a table lamp. A sensor detects how these lamp light is positioned and operate in accordance with its position. Suitable for reading books, comics or magazines are focused.

7. Stacked Rock Lamp

the most unique lamp design Stacked Rock Lamp

Stacked Rock Lamp

Stacked Rock Lamp is made of stones piled up regularly on a pole holding up the lamp, resulting in a cascade of light down the right direction like a waterfall. This lamp is sold at $ 119

8. Troja arc lamp

the most unique lamp design Troja arc lamp

Troja arc lamp

Troja arc lamp size is big enough and provide high-quality light. The design is simple but modern. It takes a fairly spacious room if you want to use it.

9. Memento lamp

the most unique lamp design Memento lamp

Memento lamp

Memento lamp was designed by Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko. Shaped beam, and intentionally designed with a series of numbers so that if the light is turned on will form a unique shadows around him. This lamp is only marketed in Japan.

10. LULL

the most unique lamp design LULL


This lamp is designed like a flower that can be tightened and broke. If the casing of the lights at night is closed, but if the morning is open the casing of the lamp and the lamp shines with the intensity of light high in order to awaken those who sleep, if you often wake up late, then I suggest to buy this lamp.

11. Desktop Grenade Lamp

the most unique lamp design Desktop Grenade Lamp

Desktop Grenade Lamp

These lamps in different designs in the market. for those of you who have never held the grenade, but want to feel it. buy this lamp grenade trigger button function as switches to turn on and turn off the lights. It costs about 139  U.S. dollars.

lets design aa your lamp unique, who knows the list of The Most Unique Lamp Design !

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