10 Interesting Pig Facts

The pig facts can help you to understand more about this pink animal. It reminds me of Piglet. If you a fan of Winnie the Pooh movie, you will know who piglet is. Some people do not like with this animal for it is considered as a dirty creature living in mud. However, some people are deadly in love with this pink reddish animal. If you go to the toy store, lots of dolls are made based on the appearance of a pig. There are 10 interesting facts that will make you amazed and surprise. Let’s see the pig facts below.

1.Social animal

This first point of pig facts tell about the social animal. If you ever go to the farm, you need to scrutinize the behavior of the animals. They will love to socialize with other pigs within the group. They love to have touch and lay down each other. When they pig want to communicate, they will make grunts.

Pig facts baby pig and sow 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: baby pig and sow


2.Intelligent animal

The second point of pig facts is about the intelligent animal. If you think that dog is the only intelligent animal in the world, you are totally wrong. Many people do not know that pigs actually are smart animals. They can learn new things quickly. Based on its intelligence pig is located on the fourth position.

Pig facts baby pigs 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: baby pigs



The baby pig is called as piglet. This animal usually has the weight of 1.5 kilogram when it was born. Within seven days, don’t be surprised if the weight is doubled.

Pig facts group of pigs 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: group of pigs


4.Birth of piglets

The gestation period of a sow/ female pig is faster than human being. It comes in the period of 114 days. The piglets born by the sow can be seven up to twelve piglets. There is no need to wonder since the gestation period is fast.

Pig facts kid with pig 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: kid with pig


5.Clean animal

The opinion of the people who state that pigs are dirty animals is banished by the fifth point of pig facts. Pig is a clean animal. The eating area of the animals will never get dirty because they will place the toilet far away from it.

 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: piglet


6.cold tolerant animal

It seems that pig is a strong animal. It can resist to high level of cold. You will never see a pig sweat since the body does not have any sweat glands. Pig will love to swim on the water than on the mud to cool their body.

Pig facts pigs at farm 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: pigs at Farm


7.sense of smell

Pig just like any other animals has strong ability in term of smelling. The snout of this animal is so sensitive. The eyes of the pig also have strong ability for they are placed on the each side of the head.

Pig facts pink pig 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: pink pig


8.Physical appearance

The physical appearance of pigs is unique. If you take a look at their tails, you will see that some of them have curly or straight tails. An adult pig usually has 44 teeth.

Pig facts small pig 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: small pig


9.Skin color

The skin color of pig probably is the biggest reason on why the animals can be a great icon of a doll. The skin can be seen in pale or even pastel pink. You should see that their hair is available in distinctive color.

Pig facts Sow 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: Sow


10.Great runner

The last point of pig facts is about the great runner. The speed of this animal when running is about 7 minutes within a mile.

Pig facts unique pig 10 Interesting Pig Facts

Pig facts: unique pig


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