10 Interesting Facts about The Brain

One these following facts about The Brain will give you much informations that you never imagine before. The brain is centre of the activites of human that has volume around 1.350 cc and composed by 100 million of neuron. The brain set almost activies of human movement, bahavior, and homeostatis body function such as beating heart, blood pressure, balance of the body liquid and body temperature. The human’s brain take the responsible of all the human’s body set and mind. For further information, you might want to know the facts about The Brain below.

Facts about The Brain 1 : Structure

The brain composed by two kind of cell, which is Glia and Neuron. Glia has function to protect neuron, whereas Neuron has function to brings informations in electric pulse which also known by action potention.

Facts about The Brain 2 : Depended on Protected by Bone

The brain is important on human activities, but it too fragile. It must protected by bone which called cranium. Cranium protect the brain from collision from hard thing so the brain wont’t get on a sway. So that the function can not be disturbed.


Facts about The Brain 3 : Anatomy

Simplest way to know information about brain anatomy is by visual inspection, but the developer has develop more sophisticated techniques to find out the brain anatomy. Brain reshape into a slice then it given by alcohol. So that it known what the differences of each part on anatomy.

Facts about The Brain 4 : Neuron

Neuron has an electrical signal that travel along the axons. If there is pulse of electricity reach that called synapse, it causes releasing of the neurotransmitter chemical. Then binds to receptors on other cells so it changes their electrical activity.


Facts about The Brain 5 : Synapses

Synapses become the key functional element of the brain. Communication on the brain is cell to cell communication. And synapses are the key at which communication occur. Without it, communication on brain not occur, so that must be problem on the brain.

Facts about The Brain 6 : It called Biological Computer

There is apart of computer which called Central Processing Unit (CPU), reputed as similar as the function of brain. The mechanism brain is very different from computer, but there is similarity on the sense to get information from the surrounding world, then stores and the last on process it. It has same way.


Facts about The Brain 7 : Axons

Neuron has ability to send spesific target cell in long distance, but the signal send by means of an axon. The axons transmits signals then make a form of electrochemical pulse called action potentials.

Facts about The Brain 8 : Glial Cells

Glial cell work together with the neuron. Glial cell has several types, then has nmber of critical function, including on structural support, metabolic, support, insulation, and delevopment guidance.


Facts about The Brains 9 : Alzhemeir

Alzhemeir is one of the disease that attack brain. It occur when the brain function decreases. The sign of this disease is ability on memorizing decrease, so that people who has this disease slowly not remembering thing he has before.

Facts about The Brain 10 : Diffreneces Human’s Brain and Animal’s Brain

Human’s brain has more optimal function. Animal’s brain function include the insticnt action on do anything. Meanwhile, the human’s brain has ability to think clearly about something new. And it makes people can handle all the thing inside the world including animals.


And those are the facts about The Brain. Hope that informations give much additional knowledge and be the new material on reading.

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