10 Interesting Facts about The Heart

Please pay attention on facts about the Heart which really need to seen by you. That’s because we as people have heart inside our body. The Heart is has important task to pumps the bloods into the body by the main function of blood vessels of the circulatory system. While, bloods bring oxygen and nutrients which transport into the body cell. Also it take some part of the removal of metabolic wastes. And here are facts about the Heart which need you to know below.

Facts about the Heart 1 : Chambers

The human’s heart has four chambers, consist by upper left and right atria, and lower left and right ventricles. Right atrium and ventricle usually called as the right heart and the left atrium and ventricle called as the left heart.

Facts about the Heart 2 : Circulatory System

The heart on pumping the bloods set into the circulatory system. The main task is to transport blood both low and rich oxygen into part of body which need it. Also the transport of nutrients for each parts of human body.

Facts 2 Human Heart

Facts 2 Human Heart

Facts about the Heart 3 : Location

The heart located just behind the breastbone in the chest. In the left of the chest, while the front of the breastbone there is a left lung which has smaller size due to the occurrence of the Heart. Find more facts about the Haiti Earthquake here

Facts about the Heart 4 : Structure

The Heart has some important structure which consist some part of it. The Heart consist on some important part such as pericardium, pleura, vertebral column, sternum, etc. With each part has its main function.

Facts 4 Diagram of Human Heart

Facts 4 Diagram of Human Heart

Facts about the Heart 5 : Size

The Heart’s mass of adult is 250-350 grams. The size of Heart is 12 cm in length, 8 cm of wide, and 6 cm in thickness.

Facts about the Heart 6 : Blood Flows

In the cardiovascular system, the heart pump and acts as a double pump. These circulation such as systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation. The pulmonary collects oxygen from the lungs, and the systemic transport oxygen to the body.

Facts 6 Cardiac Cycle vs Electrocardiogram

Facts 6 Cardiac Cycle vs Electrocardiogram

Facts about the Heart 7 : Cardiac Cycle

The time of the begin of contraction of the atria and the end of ventricular relaxation known as the cardiac cycle. The contraction called systole, while the relaxation called diastole.

Facts about the Heart 8 : Heart Sounds

To hear the sound of heart directly using stethoscope. The healthy heart has two audible heart sounds, which called S1 and S2. S1 as the closing od atrioventricular valves on ventricular contraction which blow sound “lub”. And the S2 is the sound by the closing of semilunar valves during the ventricular diastole which describe as “dub”. Find more facts about the Hajj here

Facts 8 Coronary Arteries

Facts 8 Coronary Arteries

Facts about the Heart 9 : Heart Rate

The newborn has the heart rate in average 120 beats per minute (bpm). Then, the adult has heart rate with average 60-100 beats per minute. The increase and decrease of heart beat can be as the result of the exercise.

Facts about the Heart 10 : Factor Influencing Heart Rate

The heart rate influenced by the human activities, but also it influenced by some ions which contain in some food which people consumed. The several ions which influenced the heart rate such as, calcium, potassium, and sodium. Then, the nicotine in tea and caffeine on coffee has the influence on heart rate too.

Facts 10 Heart Wall

Facts 10 Heart Wall

Those are facts about the Heart, please make sure to read closely because that facts really important for you to understand.

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