10 Interesting Facts about the Kidney

At this chance, I want to tell you facts about the Kidney which probably give you important information related to this organ. The kidney in human find in two numbers. It has shape as a bean which it serve into the regulatory roles in human.The regulatory has function to remove the unused moleculs in human body, the kidney has one of the regulatory system. Here are facts about the Kidney which need you to know below.

Facts about the Kidney 1 : Waste Products

The regulatory has main function to remove the waste products. The waste products which need to remove by the kidney are the essential in the urinary system and the electrolytes regulation, blood wastes, etc.

Facts about the Kidney 2 : Excrete

The kidney has it own secretes after the following process on its function. The excretes which produced by the kidney such as urea and ammonium. Find out facts about the iPad here

Facts 2 Kidney

Facts 2 Kidney

Facts about the Kidney 3 : Urine

In producing the urine, there are several component to make it collects as one. The materials such as water, amino acids, and minerals will reabsorbed together so that the urine is formed.

Facts about the Kidney 4 : Distributions

The kidney located in the rear of the abdominal cavity which also located in the reteperitoneal space. The bloods received from the renal arteries which in paired. Then it drained in the renal veins which also in paired.

Facts 4 Kidney Structure

Facts 4 Kidney Structure

Facts about the Kidney 5 : Structure

The shape of the kidney is the same as the bean. It has a convex and concave on surface. It has some part on its structure, include renal hilum, renal vein, ureter, renal capsule, renal artery, etc. That parts work together to make the functions work as best.

Facts about the Kidney 6 : Blood Supply

The blood which accepted by the kidney is from the renal arteries which in left and right. It as the branch directly from the abdominal aorta. It received the blood about 20% of the cardiac output.

Facts 6 Blood Supply

Facts 6 Blood Supply

Facts about the Kidney 7 : Histology

The structure of kidney newly seen from the microscope. Some distinct cell types such as, glomerulus podocyte, glomerulus parietal cell, kidney distal tubule cell, thick ascending limb cell, etc. Find more facts about the iPhone here

Facts about the Kidney 8 : Functions

It has big participates in body homeostatis. The acid-base balance regulated by the kidney. Also the concentrations of electrocyte, the blood pressure, and the extracellular fluid volume regulated too by the kidney.

Facts 8 Kidney Cortex

Facts 8 Kidney Cortex

Facts about the Kidney 9 : Hormone Secretion

The kidney also secretes some hormones. The hormones which secreted such as erythropoietin and the renin.

Facts about the Kidney 10 : Diagnosis

Some diseases be able to attack the kidney and decrease or lose the function of the kidney. Diagnosis of the disease can be delivered in some actions such as clinical, laboratory, imaging, and biopsy.

Facts 10 Hunter Enlarged Kidney

Facts 10 Hunter Enlarged Kidney

Here are facts about the Kidney which need you to know, hope that some facts will entertain and important for you to learn.

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