10 Interesting Bible Facts

If you love reading something religious, I suggest you to read the Bible facts below. Bible is the most important book for the Christian people. There are many concepts that you can derive from the Bible. In the Bible, you can read lots of story related to Adam and Eve, Jesus, and Virgin Mary. In this post I will show you the top ten Bible facts that you may not know before. Here is the list.


The first point of Bible facts talk about Judas. This man is an important character that you will find when you read this holy book. This man betrayed Jesus to get thirty pieces of silver. If you convert it with American money, it is for about $12.

Bible facts Judas 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts: Judas



Noah is another character that you will find in the Bible. This man build an Ark to save the people for God will give flood to the people who don’t believe with Him. Everything on the land was devastated because of the flood. When it is over, Noah and his people populate the earth again.

Bible facts Noah 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts: Noah



The other important figure found in the Bible is Joseph. This man was sold by his step bothers as a slave into Egypt. Then this man became a friend of Pharaoh. Joseph was given a job to interpret the dream of Pharaoh.

Bible facts Virgin Mary1 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts: Virgin Mary



The fourth point of the Bible facts informs you about Thomas. This man was considered as the follower of Jesus. He was the only person who doubted about the resurrection after Jesus passed away. However, this man still believed in him until he died.

Bible facts thomas 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts: thomas



If you have read Bible, I believe that you must be familiar with this character. Can you tell me the place where this man lived? It must be a hard question for you. Abraham spent most of his life in Ur. This city was situated in Mesopotamia. It is a part of Iraq.

Bible facts Abraham 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts: Abraham


6.Man of patience

Who is the character well-known as a Man of Patience? It is named as Job. He has a great faith on God. When the God gives him a task, he will always do it without giving any objection. We should replicate this virtue.

Bible facts job 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts: job



The story about Eve and Adam is so famous not only in Christianity but among any other religions. The animal which has teased Eve to eat the fruit actually is a Satan. It comes in the form of snake. When she eats the fruit, she also asks Adam to eat it.

Bible facts adam and eve 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts: adam and eve


The eighth point of the Bible facts tells us about David. This man has to kill Goliath by using a stone. Then he cut the head of Goliath by using the sword after he died.

 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts: david


9.Protestant Bible

There are 66 books considered as the Protestant Bible. What about the Catholic people? They have 73 Bible books. The protestant has smaller number since Martin Luther eliminated the seven books found in the Old Testament.

Bible facts Jesus 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts Jesus



There are many characters that you should recognize when reading the Bible Book. One of them is Daniel. This man had faced a big moment in his life. He was thrown into the Lion’s den. Surprisingly, Daniel could survive.

Bible facts daniel 10 Interesting Bible Facts

Bible facts:Daniel


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