10 Interesting Facts about The Double Bass

Those are the following facts about The Double Bass which probably give you informations about this music tools. The Double Bass is also called as string bass are the largest and the lowest pitch of the bowed string instrument of the vio family in the modern symphony orchestra. It usually used in modern concert in Wetstern. And here are the following facts about The Double Bass which need you to know.

Facts about The Double Bass 1 : Genre

The Double Bass is usually set in only some of music genres. Kind of music which can build by the double bass such as jazz, 1950s style of blues, classical country, rock and roll, etc.

Facts about The Double Bass 2 : Origin

This kind of music instrument only include in four tuned, not into five. And also the origins which bring this music instrument still on debated. Some people claimed it but the evidence still don’t showed the truth.

Facts 2 Busettosolano

Facts 2 Busettosolano

Facts about The Double Bass 3 : Description

It stand around 180 cm (six feet) from the bottom into the top parts. Then its constructed by some kind of wood, such as maple for back part, spruce for the top, and ebony for the fingerboard. Its traditionally aligned into the violin family whether some of part are not similar.

Facts about The Double Bass 4 : Playing Style

As the family of the violin, it has similar way on playing as the other violins. Need a bow to play it also have to plucking the strings. Then the position of playes is sit, then continously the string is plucked by the player.

Facts 4 Bass

Facts 4 Bass

Facts about The Double Bass 5 : History

Its set as the modern kind of instrument from the string family started in the 15th century. It originated from Europe. Because of the capacity of sound then it set as bass Violin. It simillar with the violin on its component, but it more on its size than the violin or cello.

Facts about The Double Bass 6 : The Size

As the strings family, it has similarly form as the violin and others. But the difference is in the size. While the violin has bulging shoulders, most double basses have shoulders carved with a more acute slope. It must be put in the floor when it use to play, because of its size.

Facts 6 Violone Peterly

Facts 6 Violone Peterly

Facts about The Double Bass 7 : Player

Bassist, double bassist, double bass player, contrabassist, contrabass player are the named of the person who play this instrument. There are too many version of the name its player. Then it used to played the classical one, but the modern now can be played by this instrument too.

Facts about The Double Bass 8 : Design

Design of the Double Bass has similarly with the violin. It has shoulder in tipically sloped. The design are the outline shape, there are some variety on this design, but generally not have far differences as the violin.

Facts 8 Double Bass String

Facts 8 Double Bass String

Facts about The Double Bass 9 : Distinction

While the form are have much similarly as the violin, but still there are differences between both them. The important distinction between double bass and the other violin family is the pegbox construction. The violin, viola and cello all use the friction pegs on gross tuning adjustment, while the double bass use metal machine heads.

Facts about The Double Bass 10 : The Strings

The main part of the double bass to make it sound nice is the strings. It developed by the strings technology which has develop on that past time. The string are thickness needed for regular gut strings, it made the lower pitched strings will be unplayed. Then it makes the double bass surely become extinct.

Facts 10 Sergei Koussevitsky

Facts 10 Sergei Koussevitsky

Those are the following facts about The Double Bass. Surely, you can read this informations then raise them up into your favorite part.

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