10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Let’s have fun by discussing about Belgium facts. Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Even though the area is small, it has bundles of wonderful cuisines to offer for the people. Some of them include French fries, chocolate and waffle. If you like to enjoy the country feeling by tasting a cup of hot Belgian chocolate, you may come here. Let me show you more Belgium facts so that you will be interested more on this tiny country.

1.official languages

Most countries in the world will use one official language. This country is on the contrary. It has three official languages. Most people living here speak Flemish. The second and the third languages are French and German.

Belgium facts brugge 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts: brugge

2.Belgian Chocolates

The second point of Belgium facts is about the enticing food. The famous one is Belgian chocolate. Each year, this country produces 220,000 tons of chocolate. In other word, people consume 61 grams of chocolate every day.

 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts: chocolate

3.A country without Government

The next fact is totally surprising. This country does not have any government.  Even though it seems terrifying, everything is just great in Belgium. The one in charge to run the country now is a caretaker government.

Belgium facts map 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts: map

4.Royal Palace of Brussels

Just like United Kingdom, this country also has a royal palace of Brussels. It is fifty per cent longer the Buckingham Palace even though the UK palace is more popular.

Belgium facts Palais royal 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts: Palais royal


The people who like to get the finest diamonds in the world may go this country. It is considered as the main diamond center in the world. Belgium is also called as the second biggest petrochemical center. There are more than 90 per cent of diamonds being polished, negotiated and distributed here.

Belgium facts Rugby Tours 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts: Rugby Tours

6.Education Law

Belgium is one of the highest countries with its educational law. It is compulsory for the citizens to complete their education until they are 18 years old. There is no need to be surprised when you find out that the people here have high quality of education.

Belgium facts eu parliament 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts : eu parliament

7.Belgian Waffles

If you come to Belgium, you should never forget to consume the Belgian waffles. There are three main waffles that you can pick. Those may include Brussels waffles, Liege waffles, and Galettes. All of them are different based on the texture, shape, size and taste.

Belgium facts waffle 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts: waffle

8.Heart of Europe

The capital city of Belgium is Brussels. The city is important as the heart of Europe. It is a location where the base of NATO as well as capital of European Union (EU) takes place. Therefore, Brussels is an important city in Europe.

Belgium facts nato 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts: nato

9.Belgian Frites

If you think that the first French fries were from France, you are so wrong. The Belgian Frites are tasty for you need to eat them with mayonnaise. The French fries today are served by using ketchup. For the taste, I prefer the Belgian one for it is much better.

Belgium facts royal palace inside 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts: royal palace inside

10.Quality of Education

The last point of Belgium facts is about quality of education. UNICEF states that Belgium is one of the best countries with wonderful education level and quality. It seems that the citizens of Belgium are lucky enough.

Belgium facts Belgium 10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Belgium facts: Belgium

What do you think about the facts about Belgium?

7 Responses to 10 Interesting Belgium Facts
  1. shreya kumar says:

    belgium is a nice country!!! i love it!!!!

  2. Jenzy says:

    Just FYI, the picture with the note, Belgium facts: Brugge, is actually in Ghent. Both are must see cities when you visit Belgium though. As is Antwerp, imho.

  3. Simon Natowitz says:

    Now, we do have a government. In fact, we always had but for 541 days we didn’t have federal government because of issues between flemish and walloons.

  4. Alexx Maraj says:

    I love Belgium! Especially Brussels!

  5. i want to visit some day i want some waffels

  6. Taylor says:

    I love WAFFLESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

  7. Jimmy Savile says:

    the country has lots of niggers and kids ;)

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