10 Interesting Facts about Quebec

These following facts about Quebec might make you want to visit this province. If you really love to travel around the world and have enough time for it, then visiting Quebec will be one of the most interesting trips to do. Quebec, as you know, is a province in east-central Canada, which is the only Canadian province that has predominantly French-speaking population. This province is also the one which only to have French as its sole provincial official language. To get to know more about it, below are other facts about Quebec you may be interested in.

Facts about Quebec 1: “La Belle Province”

Quebec is often referred to as “La Belle Province”, which, in English means, “the beautiful province”. It is also the largest province in the country of Canada, and has a population of 7,598,100 people (as of 2005)

Facts about Quebec 2: Montreal

Montreal is the largest city of the province, and has over three million residents. Over half of the people living in Montreal speak French as their first language. Quebec is the capital.

Facts about Quebec - The Flag

Facts about Quebec – The Flag

Facts about Quebec 3: Official Languages

Quebec has two official languages, French and English, but French is the most commonly used. The people of Quebec are commonly referred to as Quebecois and Quebecoise.

Facts about Quebec 4: Different Group of People

Quebec has population made up of very different people, including many Aboriginal groups. The Mohawk, Algonquin, Naskapi, Micmac, Malecite, Cree, Montagnais, and most commonly known, the Inuit, all call Quebec their home, and some of which were the first inhabitants of the province. There are also many people from all over the world, such as Britain, China, Japan, and all different parts of Europe, as well as a lot of other countries.

Facts about Quebec - Map

Facts about Quebec – Map

Facts about Quebec 5: Canada Day

Quebec was claimed by French in 1534 by Jacques Cartier, and Samuel de Champlain set up a colony there in 1608. The British gained control of Quebec in 1759. Canada gained its independence July 1, 1867 which is now celebrated as Canada Day. To this day, it remains the only walled city north of Mexico.

Facts about Quebec 6: Quebec’s National Holiday

La St-Jean Baptiste Day is also known as Quebec’s National Holiday. This day is June 24 of every year and is widely celebrated in Quebec. Another big celebration is the Winter Carnival which lasts 10 days in February.

Facts about Quebec - Chateau Frontenac

Facts about Quebec – Chateau Frontenac

Facts about Quebec 7: Quebec’s Speciality

Quebec’s motto is “Je me souviens,” which means “I remember.” The Blue Flag is the official flower and the Snowy Owl is the official bird of Quebec.

Facts about Quebec 8: Maple Syrup

Quebec has the most forests in Canada and has the largest dairy industry in the country. It is also the biggest producer of maple syrup for Canada.

Facts about Quebec - Marriott Downtown

Facts about Quebec – Marriott Downtown

Facts about Quebec 9: St. Lawrence Rivers

The St-Lawrence Rivers runs through Quebec, and most of the cities are located along this river. Over one million different lakes can be found in Quebec, and this province has this most freshwater out of all of the provinces.

Facts about Quebec 10: Separatists

There is a part of Quebec’s population are known as Separatists, and want Quebec to separate from Canada to form its own country. The reason behind this is that they feel Quebec is so different from the rest of Canada and that Quebec could be self-sufficient. These people are the minority in Quebec.

Facts about Quebec - Perce Rock

Facts about Quebec – Perce Rock

Those following facts about Quebec should have made you more interested in visiting the province. Once you get there, you will definitely enjoy a truly fascinating province with a lot of history and a lot of beauty. Hope you found these Quebec facts interesting and useful.

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