10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

In this post, let me tell you about Louisiana facts. This is one of the biggest states in US. This state lodges the tallest state capitol building in America. It has 34 floors with the height up to 450 feet. The name Louisiana itself is derived from the name of King Louis XIV. For further explanation about Louisiana facts, let’s see the following list below.

1. The Superdome

One of the biggest facilities that you can visit in Louisiana is the superdome. It is located in New Orleans. This superdome is considered as the largest steel construction room in the world. The height of the doom is about 82.3 meter, while the diameter is about 210 meters.

Louisiana facts Superdome 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: Superdome


2. Metairie

If you want to visit the world’s longest bridge over water, you should go to Metairie. This bridge crosses the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain causeway which integrates Metairie with St. Tammany Parish. The length of the causeway is up to 24 miles.

Louisiana facts Louisiana 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: Louisiana


3. Saint Martin Parish

There are many enjoyable places that you should know in Louisiana. One of them is Saint Martin Parish. In this location, you can see the largest freshwater river basin in the world. It is called as Atchafalaya Basin. If you come here, you can enjoy pleasurable outdoor activities.

Louisiana facts Saint Martin Parish 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: Saint Martin Parish


4. Jennings

The people who love to enjoy the natural atmosphere can go to Jennings. This place is famous with the nickname of Garden Spot of Louisiana. There are many farmlands that you can see here. The greenery can make the people feel relaxed and tranquil.

Louisiana facts Jennings 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: Jennings


5. Terrebonne Parish

If you love to relocate in Louisiana, you should get the best place to live. It will be a good idea if you follow the recommendation from the Money Magazine. It is stated that Terrebonne Parish situated in the downtown of Cajun Country is the best residence to have.

Louisiana facts Terrebonne Parish 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: Terrebonne Parish


6. Frances Parkinson Keyes

The sixth point of Louisiana facts is about Frances Parkinson Keyes. This nice woman is one of the best selling writers in America. She spent her time living in Crowley, Louisiana for more than 10 years.

Louisiana facts Frances Parkinson Keyes 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: Frances Parkinson Keyes


7. Pineville

The next place that you can enjoy when you come to Louisiana is the Old Town Hall Museum. It is located on Pineville. This museum is created to serve the municipal government. You should come and enjoy the nice collection.

Louisiana facts louisiana at night 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: louisiana at night


8. The City of Ponchatoula

The eighth Louisiana fact is about the oldest city in the state. It is called as City of Ponchatoula. This city is located in Tangipahoa Parish. The name of this city is unique since it is derived from the Choctaw Indian language.

Louisiana facts The City of Ponchatoula 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: The City of Ponchatoula


9. Jim Bowie

Jim Bowie is a notorious figure in US. He is well known as a hero and adventurer in the Battle of the Alamo. This man picked Opelousas as his place of living after he decided to move from Kentucky.

Louisiana facts Baton Rouge 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: Baton Rouge


10. Le Musee de la Ville de Kaplan

Le Musee de la Ville de Kaplan or the Kaplan Museum is an interesting place to visit with your family. It is located on the heart of Kaplan city. It will be nice if you can make a visit when the season festival of Mardi Grass was held.

Louisiana facts Kaplan Museum 10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

Louisiana facts: Kaplan Museum


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