10 Interesting Missouri Facts

You can study the state in US by reading the following Missouri facts below. Missouri is nice to visit. It is famous with the nick name of “Show Me State”. There are many famous people coming from this state. One of the prominent figures includes President Harry S. Truman. This man was born on 8th May 1884 on Lamar. The people who love with changeling experience should go to this state to explore the highest point. It is located in the beautiful Taum Sauk Mountain. The height is measuring 1,772 feet or 540 meters.

1.Capitol in Jefferson City

One of the important buildings in Missouri is the capitol. It is located on Jefferson City. This building was destroyed by fire in 1837. The official built the second structure to fix the capitol. It was finished in 1840. However, the dome for the building was destroyed by lighting on 5th February 1911.

Missouri facts Jefferson City 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Jefferson City



Warsaw is a pleasant city which holds both the lowered and highest temperature ever recorded in Missouri. The highest one came in the level of 118 degrees on 14th July 1954. The lowest temperature was occurred in 13th February 1905 with the level of -40 degrees.

Missouri facts Warsaw 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Warsaw



Annapolis is the third aspect discussed in Missouri facts. This is the city in Missouri which experienced the biggest tornado on 18th March 1925. Within three hours, the tornado destroyed the city. The dead toll is 823 people.

Missouri facts Annapolis 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Annapolis


4.Robert Pershing Wadlow

The record of the tallest man from Missouri was Robert Pershing Wadlow. His name was recorded on the medical history. He could stand on 8 ft and 11.1 inches. He came from St. Louis.

Missouri facts Robert Pershing Wadlow 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Robert Pershing Wadlow



This state also holds another record. It is related to the transportation. The initial train for the Atlantic-Pacific Railway came to this state in 1870. In the later date, this train is famous with the name of Frisco or St.Louis-San Francisco Railway.

Missouri facts Frisco 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Frisco


6.Madonna of the Trail

Madonna of the Trail is one of the famous statues in Missouri. This monument is located on Lexington. This state will tell you to honor the brave women who have taken part in conquering the west.

Missouri facts Madonna of the Trail 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Madonna of the Trail


7.Laura Elizabeth Ingalls

Laura Ingalls is the next subject of Missouri facts. This is one of the high-flying figures for the state. She was famous because of the top book entitled as Little House on the Prairie. This woman grew in this state.

Missouri facts Laura Elizabeth Ingalls 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Laura Elizabeth Ingalls


8.Captain Berry

Captain Beery is one of the tough figures from the state. He is the first person who can successfully create parachute to use for jumping from a moving airplane. He did it on 1912 at St. Louis. What a wonderful man!

Missouri facts Captain Berry 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Captain Berry



There are many kinds of events held in Missouri. The people who love to enjoy the blooming of flowers should go to Charleston. This is the location where Dogwood-Azalea Festival is exhibited. You can come to Charleston on the third weekend of April to see the blossoming flowers.

Missouri facts Charleston 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Charleston


10.Jefferson City

The last point of Missouri facts tell you about Jefferson City. This is the capital city of Missouri. The name of this city was derived from Thomas Jefferson. This notable man was the third president of America.

Missouri facts Capitol in Jefferson City 10 Interesting Missouri Facts

Missouri facts: Capitol in Jefferson City


What have you learned from the facts about Missouri?

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