10 Interesting Paris Facts

In this post I will show you top ten Paris facts. Paris is the capital city of France. Many people consider it as a Romantic city. It is famous with the wonderful landmark of Eiffel Tower. Celebrating your birthday under the lighting of Eiffel Tower will be an unforgettable moment for you. The beauty of this city is not beatable since it has so many attractions that you can visit while you spend your time here. Let’s discuss about the Paris facts below.

1.City of Light

Paris is notorious with the nick name of city of light. You need to explore this city in the night if you want to see the glowing and sparkling lighting along the street especially in the Eiffel Tower. This city is also the center of art and culture in French. You can learn much about French literature and culture here.

Paris facts eiffel tower 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: eiffel tower


2.Roman ruins

When you step your feet on the romantic city, you can also enjoy the historical value of the Roman culture. There are some Roman ruins that you can view. Some of them are in the form of public bath, aqueduct, stone fountain and a roman arena.

Paris facts Roman ruins 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: Roman ruins


3.Name of Paris

The third point of Paris facts tells us about the origin of the name of this city. Paris was derived from the name of the son of King of Tory. He was called as Prince Paris. Based on the history, this man fell in love with a lady named as Helen.

Paris facts paris fountain 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: paris fountain


4.Bastille Day

The fourth point of Paris facts is about the Bastille Day. This historical event is commemorated on 14th July. In this historical celebration, you will see the colorful fireworks sparkling along the Eiffel Tower, the flying planes on the sky and also the military parade used to honor the release of Bastille prisoners in 1989.

Paris facts bastille day 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: bastille day


5.Classic atmosphere

The fifth point of the Paris facts is about the classic atmosphere in this city. When you check the situation around the St. Chapelle, Île de la Cité, Pont Neuf, and Ntore-Dame Cathedral, it will remind you with the air in the 53 BC.

Paris facts Notre Dame Cathedral1 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: Notre Dame Cathedral


6.Pont Neuf

The sixth point of Paris facts tells us about the Pont Neuf. The words in English mean bridge nine. The construction of this bridge was conducted under the King Henry IV in 1578. Actually this bridge has not any relationship with number nine.

Paris facts pont neuf 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: pont neuf


7.Gustave Eiffel

The Eiffel Tower is the famous landmark of Paris. It was designed by the great architect Gustave Eiffel in 1889. The first place to visit by the foreign tourism when they come to Paris is this architectural structure.

Paris facts Gustave Eiffel 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: Gustave Eiffel


8.Seine River

If you want to enjoy the nice water feature in Paris, you should walk to see the Seine River. It is divided in two segments. Those are the Left Bank and Right Bank. Both banks give you the best view of Paris.

Paris facts Siena River 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: Siena River


9.population of Paris

The population of the people in Paris is not concentrated in the center of the town. The residents who live near the Seine River are about 2.15 million people. The population of the people in suburban area of Paris called as Ile de France can be counted up to 10.5 million residents.

Paris facts shopping 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: shopping



It will be such a miss for the people who do not visit Louvre Museum. If you have seen the Da Vinci Code movie starred by Tom Hanks, I believe that you will be familiar with the exterior of this museum. There are many collections that you can see in this space.

Paris facts louvre museum 10 Interesting Paris Facts

Paris facts: louvre museum


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