10 Interesting Utah Facts

In this post I will show you the ten interesting Utah facts.  Utah is one of the biggest states in US. There are many kinds of great places that you may visit. The history related to Utah is also challenging and interesting to discuss. If you want to know more about this fascinating state, you should check the Utah facts below.

1.Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the famous city in Utah. Thanks’ to Jim Bridger for he had discovered this city in 1824. The state itself had been explored in 1776. The first explorers were from Spanish. They were Franciscan Friars Escalante and Dominguez.

Utah facts Salt Lake City 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: Salt Lake City


2.Department store

Shopping in Department store is much easier and simpler for some people. Do you know that the first department store in Utah was available in 1800s? The name of the store was Zions Co-operative Mercantile. Such unbelievable Utah facts! I never think that the people at that time had already realized about the need of a department store.

Utah facts Zions Co operative Mercantile 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: Zions Co-operative Mercantile


3.Living organism in Utah

Utah has various living organism. The plants living in Utah is counted more than 4000 species. The official flower of this state is Sego Lily, while the bird of Utah is Californian Gull.

Utah facts Sego Lily1 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: Sego Lily


4.Name of Salt Lake City

The name of Salt Lake City is unique. It is the only state in US containing three words. Each word of its name contains four letters. Actually this city is called as Great salt Lake City. But in 1868, it was changed into Salt Lake City.

Utah facts Name of Salt Lake City 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: Name of Salt Lake City


5.Mountain in Salt lake city

One of the famous mountains in this state is Uinta Mountain range. The name is derived from the name of Ute Indians. If you visit this place, I think you should go to the Rainbow Bridge if you want to see the biggest natural rock configuration in the world. The height of the rock is 309 feet, while the width is up to 278 feet.

Utah facts Uinta Mountain range 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: Uinta Mountain range

6.Movies in Utah

There are many famous Hollywood Movies using Utah as the setting. Some of them include “Forest Gump”, “A space Odyssey”, “Independence Day”, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, “Footlose” and “Thelma and Louis”.

Utah facts Forest Gump Setting 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: Forest Gump Setting


7.Prosperity in Utah

It seems that Utah is one of the prosperous and wealthy states in US. I can say that based on the Utah facts this state is considered as the highest employer according to the US Government. In educational sector, Utah also takes the title as a state with has the highest literacy rate in US.

Utah facts tree of utah1 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: tree of utah


8.Dinosaur in Utah

If you want know much about Dinosaur, I think Utah will be the best place to explore than any other states in US. Why? Utah is considered as the area which has the largest Dinosaur footprints in the world.

Utah facts Dinosaur in Utah 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: Dinosaur in Utah


9.National Park in Utah

The people who really love to enjoy the natural scenery may go to Utah for the consideration. This state has six forests, five national parks along with 42 state parks. You will need to spare so much time if you want to enjoy all of them. This region also has 133 golf courses.

Utah facts National Park in Utah 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: National Park in Utah


10.Visitors in Utah

The popularity of Utah as the state with the best attraction can be seen on the number of the visitors who come here each year. The visitors are more than 14 million.

Utah facts salt lake city sunset 10 Interesting Utah Facts

Utah facts: salt lake city sunset


What do you think related to the facts about Utah?

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