10 Interesting Facts about The Canterbury Tales

These one are the following facts about The Canterburry Tales which give you some information about this book. The Canterburry Tales is a book which consisted over 20 stories inside and its written by Geoffrey Chaucer. The stories were the winner of the story telling contest by group or pilgrims whose travel from Southwark to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. And here are the facts about The Canterbury which might you want to know.

Facts about The Canterburry Tales 1 : Made Popularity of English Literature

Since The Canterbury Tales became the popular book, so that the English literature also get higher attention for most people. Because of the Canterbury set the English language. So that English literature get higher attention than Latin or French.

Facts about The Canterbury Tales 2 : Seen as The Chaucer’s Magnum Opus

The Canterbury after the long time of works, seemly seen as The Chaucer’s Magnum Opus. Which Chaucer wrote about the portrait of the society in time especially on church. When in that time the crisis held on English.

Facts 2 Canterbury Tales

Facts about The Canterbury Tales 3 : The Finished is Unknown

The Canterbury was finished or yet is still unknown. And also the content are still confusing. The text are once written or just a revision are still unknown.

Facts about The Canterbury Tales 4 : Dividing in Fragment

Because there is no author for some tales that exist, so that the scholarly divide the tale into ten fragment. It all because to clearly know the editions of the tales which based on the time or place.

Facts 4 Peasant Revolve

Facts about The Canterbury Tales 5 : Pilgrims

Pilgrims were took much lesson for Chaucer to made his tales. Chaucer took some proportion from the pilgrim activity to arranged the tales, especially inspired by pilgrim figure of Dante and Virgil in The Divine Comedy.

Facts about The Canterbury Tales 6 : The Decameron

Possibly, Chaucer had the special feeling on The Decameron tale. So that, some of The Decameron are existed much in The Canterbury tale. Then, some people understand that The Decameron be the source of The Canterbury tale.

Facts 6 The Decameron


Facts about The Canterbury Tales 7 : Genre

The Canterbury used the religion one on the tales inside. Much story are consisted much of the religions. It was because the pilgrims had full activities on religion one.


Facts about The Canterbury Tales 8 : Linear Structure

The structure was largely linear. The first story had connection with the next. So Chaucer didn’t need to explain in the cover, but the people as his character did.

Facts 8 Canterburry Cathedral


Facts about The Canterbury Tales 9 : Had Free Style

As much of the variations of tale, told that Chaucer had widely skill on his work. the rhetorical forms and linguistic styles are countless. Chaucer’s tales highly contain much of the kind of rhetorical while now people could only reach by part.


Facts about The Canterbury Tales 10 : Told the English History

The Canterbury was written during the turbulent time of English. There was religion conflict between the Catholic and Christian. And it became a large of controversy one on that times.

Facts 10 Chaucer as Pilgrim

Those are the Facts about the Canterbury Tales. Those tales are really had attention by much people on the world. Hopefully these following facts can be the whole information for you to keep.

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