10 Interesting Facts about the Carribean

One of these following facts about the Carribean should give you much information about the carribean. Carribean is a region that consists of Carribean sea. It has large 2,754,000 km2  (1,063, 000 sq mi). The population of the Citizen is about 39,69,962. It has some large cities such as Santo Domingo, San Juan, Port-au-Prince, Maracabio, Havana, Puerto La Cruz, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Barcelona, Kingston, Santiago de los Cabalerross, Cancun, santa Marta, Santiago de Cuba, Cumana, Holgun, and Port of Spain.  More facts will be shown here.

Facts about the Carribean 1 : The Islands

Carribean plate consists of more than 700 islands. The islands are generally from island arcs. The Carribean islands, including the Greater Antilles on the north and Lesser Antilles on the south and east are part of larger West Indies. In a wider area, the mainland countries of Belize, Guyana, and Suriname can be included.

Facts about the Carribean 2: Etymology

Carribean region takes the name of the region of the Caribs. It is an ethnic group present in the Lesser Antilles. It is also a part of adjancent South America  the time of the Spanish conquest.


Facts about the Carribean 3: Geography

Some islnd in the region have flat terran of non-volcanic origin relatively. These islands include Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, Cayman Islands, Saint Croix, the Bahamas, and Antigua. The others have rugged towering mountain-ranges.

Facts about the Carribean 4: Climate

The climate of the Carribean is tropical. Warm, moist tradewinds blow from the east creating rainforest on the islands. The region enjoys year-round sunshine. It is divided into dry and wet seasons. The last six months becomewetter than the first half.


Facts about the Carribean 5: Biodiversity

The Carribean islands are very outstanding for the diversity. Their animals, fungi, and plants have been classified as one of Conservation International’s biodiversity hotspots. The region also contains about 8% of the world’s coral reefs along with extensive seagrass meadows.

Facts about the Carribean 6: Carribean Sea

Carribean sea is dominated by fish, turtles, and coral reef formations. Puerto Rico trench is licated on the fringe of Atlantic Ocean. Carribean Sea is in the north of the island of Puerto Rico. It is the deepest point in all of the Atlantic Ocean.

carribean sea

Facts about the Carribean 7: Demography

The dominant ethnic groups in the Carribean are Tino of the Greater Antilles and the northern Lesser Antilles. Then, the smaller distinct groups such as the Guanajatabey of western Cuba and the Ciguayo of western Hispaniola. The population in 1800 is estimated to have reached 2.2 billion. In 19th century, the immigrants from India, China, and other countries arrived. After the ending of Atlantic slave trade, the population increased significant naturally. The total population was estimated 37.5 billion in 2000.

Facts about the Carribean 8 :Groupings

The islands are colonies of European nations. A few are overseas or dependent territories. They are British Indies, Danish West Indies, French West Indies, Potrugese West Indies, Spanish West Indies, Swedish West Indies, and Courlander West Indies.


Facts about the Carribean 9: Race

Carribean has mixed race. The major race is African and European. Puerto Rico has European majority with a mixture of European-African and large West African Minority. The DDominican Republic beomes the largest mixed race population; European, West Africans, and Amerindians.

Facts about the Carribean 10:Language and Religion

The official languages are Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Haitian Creole and Papiamento. An unique Creole or dialect can also be found from one country to another. Then, thedominant religion in the Carribean is Chriastianity. Other religion groups are Hinduism, Islam,Rastafari, Santeria, Voodoo, and others.

language and religion

Those are facts about the Carribean. There are many interesting facts. Hope those points give much informations that give benefit for all people.

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