10 Interesting Facts about the Murray River

Facts about The Murray River present the detail about the longest river in Australia. It has the length at 1,558 miles or 2,508 kilometers. This river creates a border between Victoria and New South Wales. There are several lakes which get the water from the flow of Murray River such as Lake Alexandrina and The Coorong. Find out more facts about Murray River below:

Facts about The Murray River 1: the irrigated region

The icon of food bowl of Australia is taken by Murray River. It is due to the function of the river as the important irrigated region in the nation.

Facts about The Murray River 2: the Murray Darling river system

The Murray Darling River system is formed between Murray River and Darling River.  This system can be seen draining in New South Wales, Victoria, and southern Queensland.

Facts about the Murray River

Facts about the Murray River

Facts about The Murray River 3: the unique river life

If you visit Murray River, you will be impressed with the type of the animals which live here. You can find a lot of kinds of fish such as Australian smelt, silver perch, Macquarie, golden perch, trout cod, Murray cod, western carp gudgeon and ell tailed catfish.

Facts about The Murray River 4: the health of Murray River

People who live around the river should concern the health of the river. Since the European settlement, it has been declined. Some fish and other types of animals are included in the endangered and rare species.

Murray River Basin

Murray River Basin

Facts about The Murray River 5: flood

Beside the drought which sometimes affects the river, the flood can be seen too. In 1956, the people who lived near the river experienced the big flood. It inundated the lower regions of Murray.

Facts about The Murray River 6: navigable area

Murray River is navigable if you explore the Hume Dam located near Albury, New South Wale to Lake Alexandrina.

Murray River Facts

Murray River Facts

Facts about the Murray River 7: Thames River

Thames River is located in UK. Compared to the length of River Thames, Murray River is seven times longer. The length of River Thames is only 346 km. Get facts about Hudson River here.

Facts about The Murray River 8: the line of Murray River

There are three states passed by Murray River. Those are New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The three states create a corporation to manage the river.

Murray River Image

Murray River Image

Facts about The Murray River 9: the largest river Red Gum Forest

Do you know that the largest River Red Gum Forest is located at the banks of Murray River? Find out another river in Mekong River facts.

Facts about The Murray River 10: the Murray cod

The Murray cod is the largest freshwater fish species in Murray River. It comes in the weight of 5 till 22 kilograms.

Murray River Pic

Murray River Pic

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