10 Interesting Facts about the Muscles

Facts about The Muscles give you the interesting facts about the parts of human body. Inside the human body, we have at least 600 muscles. The function of the muscles is various. It can be used to help us lifting the heavy object, walk, and run, pump the blood, keep the heart beating and move the food to the intestines. Here are some facts about muscles for you:

Facts about The Muscles 1: the controlled and uncontrolled muscles

Some muscles in the human body can be controlled when we want to run, walk sit or even lift heavy objects. Other muscles do not have to be controlled for they work automatically.

Facts about The Muscles 2: the material of the muscles

The materials of muscles are elastic.  It reminds you with the rubber bands.  The muscles contain thousands of tiny fibers.

Facts about the Muscles

Facts about the Muscles

Facts about The Muscles 3: the types of muscles

There are three kinds of muscles. Those are the skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscles. The middle ear contains the smallest muscles in the body. They are the Stapedious and tympani. Get facts about muscular system here.

Facts about The Muscles 4: the weight

Based on the research, the muscles occupy 40 percent of the total body weight that you have. You are wrong if you think that muscles can be pushed. They can only be pulled.

Muscles Facts

Muscles Facts

Facts about The Muscles 5: the growth of muscles

Actually the body will not grow the new muscle fibers when you are adults. The muscle fibers that you have today are from the muscles fibers when you were born.   The muscles look bigger when you are adults because the muscle fibers get thicker.

Facts about The Muscles 6: the cardiac muscle

The cardiac muscles make up the heart. It keeps the heart beating and pumping. In a minute, the heart can beat around 60 till 100 times.

Muscles on Men

Muscles on Men

Facts about The Muscles 7: the skeletal muscles

The muscles that we can control are the skeletal muscles. It works with the bones to move the body such as the hands and legs.

Facts about The Muscles 8: the biggest muscles

If you want to know one of the biggest muscles, you can check at the back of the body located near the spines. The main function of this muscle is to keep your posture upright. You can also get more power when lifting heavy things.

Muscles Parts

Muscles Parts

Facts about The Muscles 9: the smooth music

The smooth muscles can be seen in the digestive system. They will move food to the body.

Facts about The Muscles 10: the bladder

The smooth muscles can be found inside the bladder too. Check out kidney facts here.



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