10 Interesting Facts about the Navy

Facts about The Navy tell you about the USN or United States Navy. It is included as one of the 7 uniformed services in US. It is one of the branches of United Armed Forces. The US Navy is famous in the world. Do you know that it has the largest aircraft carrier fleet in the world? There are ten aircraft carrier fleets in service, while the two are under the construction. Here are other interesting facts about the navy for you:

Facts about The Navy 1: the personnel in the navy

Let’s find out the number of the personnel in the navy. It has 107,355 personnel in the navy reserve and 325,143 personnel on active duty.

Facts about The Navy 2: the ships and aircrafts

By February 2015, the navy has more than 3,700 aircrafts and 284 ships in service.

Facts about the Navy

Facts about the Navy

Facts about The Navy 3: the origin

The origin of the navy was dated back in the American Revolutionary war. It was originated from the continental navy. Then it was disbanded as a separate entity after the end of the American revolutionary war.

Facts about the Navy 4: the American Civil War

During the American civil war, the navy played a major role.  The navy took the control of the rivers and blockaded the Confederacy. In the World War II, it took the major role when it defeated Japan.

Navy Pic

Navy Pic

Facts about The Navy 5: the global presence

The Navy also has the global presence in various areas in the world such as the Middle East, East Asia and Mediterranean. It takes part during the peacetime and makes it as an active player to flow the defense policy and foreign policy of United States.

Facts about the Navy 6: Department of the Navy

Department of the Navy managed the navy administratively. The civilian Secretary of the navy is the head of the department.

Navy Ships

Navy Ships

Facts about the Navy 7: The Chief of Naval Operations

The Chief of Naval Operations or CNO is the senior naval officer of the Department of Navy. Even though it has a four star admiral, it is not the highest ranking naval officer. Check out facts about marines here.

Facts about The Navy 8: the facilities

Navy has 75,200 buildings which spreads on 13,000 kilometer square or 3,300,000 acres areas. It owns 50,000 non combat vehicles, 3,659 aircrafts and 283 ships by 2013.



Facts about The Navy 9: the commissioned ships

You always see the abbreviation USS as the prefix on the name of the US commissioned ships. The word USS stands for United States Ship. Get facts about military here.

Facts about The Navy 10: the noncommissioned ships

The noncommissioned ships are labeled with USNS. It stands for United States Naval Ship.

Navy Facts

Navy Facts

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