10 Interesting Facts about The Circus Maximus

Here are the following facts about The Circus Maximus which probably give you informations about this. The Circus Maximus is a largest circus which located in Italian. The circus was first build by ancient Roman. This circus used to racing stadium and also as mass entertainment venue. And those are the following facts about The Circus Maximus which might you want to know below.

Facts about The Circus Maximus 1 : Size

The size is measured with length 621 m (2,037 ft) and width 118 m (387 ft). Then, over 250,00 are accomodated into the circus building.

Facts about The Circus Maximus 2 : Uses and Events

The Circus Maximus on past day used in religious vow. But the religious vow consisted in some performances, such as public feast, chariot racung, athletics, etc. The Ludi was the greater venue than the others. Which consisted in some triumphal procession, it marked the purpose of games and introduced the participants.

Facts 2 Obelisk Popolo

Facts about The Circus Maximus 3 : Ludi

Ludi was a public games which connected on religious festival of Romans. The ludi was sponsored by Roman’s leader on state. It used on get benefit for Roman’s people.

Facts about The Circus Maximus 4 : Topography and Construction.

There were 3 stages of the development in topography and construction, which are Regal, Republican and Imperial era. The Regal consisted the development in agriculture which the circus was in naturally land, Republican set circus on permanent wooden finally the imperial changes the circus into the modenist project.

Facts 4 Circus Maximus Colisee

Facts about The Circus Maximus 5 : Circus Events

While the Circus Maximus was used in religious vow, but there was the circus one. Such as the flute players, scenic artists and dancers performed in tempotary stage in 167 BC. It erected between the two central seating banks.

Facts about The Circus Maximus 6 : Religious Significance

The religious vow are used in dedicated to valley’s eponymous goddes Murcia, an obscure deity associated with Venus, the myrtle shrub, etc. There were too many gods on Roman’s believe. And they also dedicated in other gods such as Ceres, Consus, Consualia,etc.

Facts 6 Circus Maximus

Facts about The Circus Maximus 7 : Repaired of The Circus Maximus

The Circus Maximus were burned then it repair b Augustus (Caesar’s succesor and Rome’s first emperor). The repaired project was credit only for obelisk and pulvinar at the site.

Facts about The Circus Maximus 8 : Beautiful and Admirable Structure

As the described Dionysius of Halicarnassus, he claimed that the Circus Maximus was one of the most beautiful and admirable structures in Rome. The best part when entrances and ascent for the spectators at every shop, then the countless of much people may enter and depart without inconvenience.

Facts 8 Circus Maximus

Facts about The Circus Maximus 9 : The Temples

There were much temples in the Circus, but now some of them lost. The temples were in protections from gods, such as the temples to Ceres and Flora which stood close together in the Aventine, some in the open gate which under the Hercules protection.

Facts about The Circus 10 : Modern Status and Use

There were some renovation on the Circus building and structure. And the function on past was focused in religious vow. Now, the Circus Maximus is use on some entertainment venue. The functions such as in film (When in Rome), the 14 On Fire tour, hosted victory celebrations including World Cup 2006 and the A.S Roma Serie A victory in 2001.

Facts 10 World Cup Victory in 2006

Those are the following facts about The Circus Maximus. Based on that facts, hopefully you will get some additional informations into your own mind.

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