10 Interesting Facts about The Continent

This article will discuss about some interesting Facts about The Continent. Continent is defined as one of several very large landmasses on Earth. Continents are generally identified by convention instead of any strict criteria. While in geology, they are described by means of tectonic plates. Below are the following facts about Continent.

Facts about The Continent 1: Definition

Based on convention, continents are known as large, continuous, discrete masses of land and ideally separated by expanses of water.

Facts about The Continent 2: The Lists of Continents

There are seven regions commonly regarded as continents. These are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia.

Facts 2(the list of continents)

Facts 2(the list of continents)

Facts about The Continent 3: History

The first classification  between continents was made by ancient Greek mariners who gave the names Europe and Asia to the lands on either side of the waterways of the Aegean Sea, the Dardanelles strait, the Sea of Marmara, the Bosporus strait and the Black Sea.

Facts about The Continent 4: Geology

Different with definition from the convention, geologists define continents based on continental crust; a platform of metamorphic and igneous rock, largely of granitic composition.

Facts 4 (Geology)

Facts 4 (Geology)

Facts about The Continent 5: Population

In seven continents, there are spreading various countries and people. The biggest population in the world located in Asia while the smallest population in the world located in Australia. A rough estimate of the total population of all the continents is 7,000,000,000.

Facts about The Continent 6: The Highest Point in the World

There are several high points spread all over the world like Aconcagua, Mount McKinley, Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Elbrus and so forth. Among those high points, the highest point in the world is Mount Everest which is located in China and Nepal.

Facts 6 (the highest point in the world)

Facts 6 (the highest point in the world)

Facts about The Continent 7: The Lowest Point in the World

Just like the high points, there are several low points in the world. Those are Laguan del Carbon, Death Valley, Lake Assal, Lake Eyre etc. Among those low points, the lowest point in the world is Dead Sea which is located in Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

Facts about The Continent 8: The Coldest Continent in the World

Covered by 98% of ice make Antarctica as the coldest continent in the world. The temperature in Antarctica has reached ?89 °C (?129 °F). In this area, there are no permanent residents. However, 1,000 to 5,000 temporary residents reside throughout the year at the research stations scattered across the continent.

Facts 8 (The coldest continent in the world)

Facts 8 (The coldest continent in the world)

Facts about The Continent 9: The Largest Continent in the World

Asia is known as the largest continents in the world. It comprises 30% of land area in the earth. It has historically been home to bulk of the planet’s human population.

Facts about The Continent 10: The Smallest Continent in the World

The smallest continent in the world is Australia. The area is 8,600,000 km2 and 36,000,000 people (estimated population) live there. It is also known as the lowest-lying human-inhabited continent on Earth.

Facts 10 (The Smallest continent in the world)

Facts 10 (The Smallest continent in the world)

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