10 Interesting Facts about The Celts

Those Facts about The Celts which probably give your information about history. Today, Celt is often used as a term to describe some group of particular ethnic population. The term is also used to refer to celt’s culture and their language. Celt refers to the people in British Island who lived in Brittany region, or the people in Bretagne-France and Galicia-Spain. Here are 10 interesting facts about the Celts.

Facts about The Celts 1

In the 20th century, the celt’s languages used as a symbol of unifying the nations and as the key to the early days of culture and literature.The celt’s languages has spread outward England.In 1865, 150 welsh people settled in patagonia (now Argentina). In the early 1900, the number of the Celt language speaker rising reached almost 3000 people.Right now that language had disappeared under the influence of Spain language.

Facts about The Celts 2

Ancient Celt Festival is a system central of trust for the nations in northern Europe in the early 20th century.This festival marks the end of the harvest season in the last day of summer.In fact, at first this festival was celebration to commemorate the dead.

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Facts about The Celts 3

The ancestors of the ancient Celts divides the year into two parts.The first is the gloom where the beginning of early autumn cold.The second is the light that began in the early spring and summer.

Facts about The Celts 4

Apple is a symbol of a myth of ancient celt. They believe that apple grown from the heart of another world and an apple have magic .Apple-bobbing is a game that reflection the story of knights cross waters to get the magical apple.

Facts 4 Torque de Santa Tegra

Facts about The Celts 5

Pastors of ancient celt in general as known druids.They was a leader at every ceremony and ritual conducted by Celt nation.

Facts about The Celts 6

A deity that worshiped by Celt is Samhain, Lord for Pagan Religion.By appearing Christian tradition, samhain substituted into Hallowmas or All Saint’s Day (all day holly spirit) to commemorate the spirits that has been blessed and they have been canonized by the church.

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Facts about The Celts 7

Celt Nation in Ireland celebrates the festival called Hoop-Tu-Naa. It is the celebration of their new year.At the festival, children wear clothes of scary creature and with carry horseradish they will go to someone’s house for ask money or candy. Today, the festival is known as modern Halloween celebration.

Facts about The Celts 8

Celts people who was also noted as unmerciful nation because they often behead the enemy. Severed head of enemy will be used as a decoration over the door in their homes.When christians enter and spread to celt people territory, these practices still applies but a human head replaced with horseradish carved in the terrible shape.Head of these vegetables serves to frighten evil spirit to intrude on families of homeowners.

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Facts about The Celts 9

Many celt fight in stripers to surprise their enemies and often carry long iron swords.

Facts about The Celts 10

They embalm the heads of most famous enemy with oil cedar.Then put it with caution in chest and and display it with pride to foreigners.They consider the victory is something which can not buy with money.

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Those are the Facts about The Celts. Hopefully those facts give additional information for you to read.

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