10 Interesting Facts about The Cold War

These are the following facts about The Cold War which probably give you informations about it. The Cold War was a nonmilitary of war which occured after the Wold War II. The big power on Cold War divided on two included the Western Bloc (United States, its NATO allies and others) ad Eastern Bloc (The Suviet Union and its allies in the Warsaw Pact). And those followings facts about The Cold War which might you want to know.

Facts about The Cold War 1 : Unclearly Date on Occured

The Cold War occured during 1947 until 1991. The clear date it occured were still debated by the historians. Because the act of war doesn’t seen as clear as the world war, so that it bring confused on some historians.

Facts about The Cold War 2 : Non Aligned Movement

The big power of two bloc were mostly caused the cold war to be so serious. They had fight but in silence. Then to fight against the cold war, there was a Non Aligned Movement, which include by some state who had neutral preferetion. The states which founded it such as Egypt, India, Indonesia and Yugoslavia.

Facts 2 Berlin Ermauer

Facts 2 Berlin Ermauer

Facts about The Cold War 3 : Origins of The Term

The word “Cold War” were first listed by George Orwell. He used cold war as the general item on his essay titled “You and the Atomic Bomb” which published in British newspaper Tribun on October 19, 1945. This described the world which living by the shadow of threat if the nuclear bomb.

Facts about The Cold War 4 : Nuclear Deterrent on Two Block

During the Cold War, some people had upset because of the potential on created nuclear by two both. Because the war are still continued, and its highly had made afraid of reattacked of two both when the cold war began on high temperature. As we know that the nuclear had wide potential on explosive power.

Facts 4 Allied Troops in Vladiostok

Facts 4 Allied Troops in Vladiostok

Facts about The Cold War 5 : Post World War Europe

The map look of Europe are refused by the allies, some of them had the ideas on regarding established security. Then the security was set in democratic goverments form. Because they believed that the democratic should bring the Europe into the peacefull conditions.

Facts about The Cold War 6 : Yalta Conferrence

There was negotiation after the World War II which called Yalta Conferrence occured in February 1945. The negotiation mostly concern on the post world war balance. It used in brings stability on Europe after the mess which made on World War II.

Facts 6 Yalta Conferrence

Facts 4 Allied Troops in Vladiostok

Facts about The Cold War 7 : Unreached Agreement

The Cold War started when the Britain, France and the United States had unreached agreement with Soviet Union on a plan for economical envisioning self sufficient Germany. Soviet Union refused in gave details accounting about the goods, industrial plants and infrastructure. Then, the United States enacted the Marshall Plan which has goals to pledge the economic assistance for all the European as the participants, except Soviet Union.

Facts about The Cold War 8 : American Crisis

During the Cold War, United States as the western bloc had totally activities to fight the cold war. The activities used as the preparation of the new war. The American had quardrupled defense of budget.

Facts 4 Allied Troops in Vladiostok

Facts 4 Allied Troops in Vladiostok

Facts about The Cold War 9 : Communism and Capitalism

Western bloc as their capitalism principal and easter bloc as their communism principal, had fight on being influenced on the world. Khruschev as the western ambassadors declared that within two decade the construction of comunnist society will form.

Facts about The Cold War 10 : Berlin Crisis

Berlin crisis on 1961. It be the last major incident on Cold War. The crisis occured caused by the loophole system which existed in East Berlin and West Berlin. It made most people from east emigrated into the west.

Facts 4 Allied Troops in Vladiostok

Facts 4 Allied Troops in Vladiostok

Those are the facts about The Cold War. Hopefully those facts give you additional information into your read.

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