10 Interesting Facts about the Ming Dynasty

Facts about The Ming Dynasty tell you about one of the important dynasties in ancient China. It ruled this big country in 1368 till 1644.  After this dynasty collapsed, The Qing Dynasty replaced it.  You need to check out the history of Ming Dynasty to find out the legacy in China. Here are other facts about Ming Dynasty for you:

Facts about the Ming Dynasty 1: Yuan Dynasty

Before the Ming Dynasty was established, the ancient China was ruled by Yuan Dynasty. This Dynasty was established by Mongols who had conquered China 100 years earlier. The Chinese people hated the Mongols. Therefore, there was peasant uprising which could take over the dynasty.

Facts about the Ming Dynasty 2: Zhu Yuanzhang

Zhu Yuanzhang was the leader in the peasant uprising. He and his people could eliminate the Mongols and collapsed the Yuan Dynasty.  Then he established Ming Dynasty and called himself Emperor Hongwu.

Ming Dynasty Facts

Ming Dynasty Facts

Facts about the Ming Dynasty 3: the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the important legacy of Ming Dynasty. It was built during the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall gains a lot of attention from the people. It is a symbol of China. Get facts about Great Wall of China here.

Facts about the Ming Dynasty 4: Forbidden City

Forbidden City is located inside Beijing, the capital city of China. This palace was owned by the emperor. It spanned on 185 acres of land. This palace is filled with at least 1000 buildings.

Ming Dynasty Image

Ming Dynasty Image

Facts about the Ming Dynasty 5: Grand Canal

During the Ming Dynasty, the Grand Canal was rebuilt. The economy of ancient Chinese people was increased due to the Grand Canals since it had significant effect on the trade. Get facts about Han Dynasty here.

Facts about The Ming Dynasty 6: the art

The people in Ming Dynasty appreciated art a lot.  The types of art in Ming Dynasty included porcelain, poetry, painting, literature and music.

Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty

Facts about The Ming Dynasty 7: the vases

The famous vases created during the Ming Dynasty were made from blue and white porcelain.

Facts about The Ming Dynasty 8: the government

The civil service was an organization used to run the government.  If the Chinese people wanted to get the job in the civil service, they had to pass the examination. The teaching of Confucius is one of the important subject to study before the exam.

Ming Dynasty Vase
Ming Dynasty Vase

Facts about The Ming Dynasty 9: literature

The important types of literature in this reign included Journey to The West, Outlaws of the Marsh and Romance of Three Kingdoms.

Facts about the Ming Dynasty 10: Emperor Chengzu

Another important emperor in Ming Dynasty was Emperor Chengzu. He was the third emperor in the dynasty. He did a lot of things such as building the Forbidden City, rebuilding Grand Canal and creating diplomacy with other countries.

Facts about the Ming Dynasty

Facts about the Ming Dynasty

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