10 Interesting Facts about The First Thanksgiving

Let me show you Facts about The First Thanksgiving which probably give you information about thanksgiving day. The Thanksgiving is the national holiday in North America but primarily on United States and Canada. It as the celebration to praise God about what He blessed up for the harvest affairs. Then people made time to off work then only at home to spent the time with the families. Here are Facts about The First Thanksgiving which need you to know.

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 1 : Day it Held

After following some changes of the day choosing, then officially thanksgiving day put on the fourth Thursday of November. It was set on this day at the era of President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 2 : Nationally Celebrated

Thanksgiving used to not regular celebrated . Sometimes it was not held because of some reason, it made this celebration became not regular event. Then, at the era of President George Washington in 1789, it set as the national celebration and holiday. So that, it must be held once a year.

Facts 2 Thanksgiving Grace 1942

Facts 2 Thanksgiving Grace 1942

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 3 : Days of Prayer

Thanksgiving used to held after the horrible accident which happened. Then, when the condition started on normal, thanksgiving was held. It as the day to praised to the God of the blessing He gave. Then, also the days of prayer means thank to God because He gave the successful on human affairs, such as the successful on harvest.

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 4 : First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims. They celebrated it as the praise to God of their successful on their first harvest in New World at 1621.

Facts 4 The First Thanksgiving

Facts 4 The First Thanksgiving

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 5 : The Pilgrims

They were people who first celebrated the thanksgiving. Their first celebration held at least for three days, and attended by 90 of Native American and 53 of Pilgrims.

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 6 : Thanksgiving Festival in Plymouth

Plymouth was the first placed on celebrated the thanksgiving at 1621. The pilgrims were lived here and they put their first plantation and they successful on it. It held at the late autumn and early winter. The celebrated known as the celebration of Plymouth Plantation. Find more Facts about The Eureka Stockade here

Facts 6 Thanksgiving in Plymouth

Facts 6 Thanksgiving in Plymouth

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 7 : True Thanksgiving of Pilgrims

In 1621, pilgrims held it first but it not set as the specific celebration, they only need to celebrated then celebration was set. in 1623, the true thanksgiving held. Before it held, their home were dry and less of rainfall. They praised to God in order to gave them such rainfall, then rainfall comes. It held in 1623, Wednesday on 30 July following a fast and day refreshing of the 14-day rain.

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 8 : Abraham Lincoln

In Abraham Lincoln era, the thanksgiving held in the last Thursday on November. It rule started in 1863 as the first national thanksgiving day. It firstly declared in the middle of civil war in America.

Facts 8 Thanksgiving 1918

Facts 8 Thanksgiving 1918

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 9 : Franklin D. Roosevelt

Since the era of President Abraham Lincoln, thanksgiving held in fourth Thursday but this tradition broke by Franklin D. Roosevelt. He established to held thanksgiving at Thursday in week before the last. This decision took on the Great Depression condition and he had goals to stabilize economic by let merchant to sell their goods longer to got profits.

Facts about The First Thanksgiving 10 : Traditional Celebration

Thanksgiving held with some traditional celebration. On food, usually turkey set as the exclusive beverage and it combine with other harvest goods. There were charity for the unlucky person, togetherness with family on the long holiday, parade and giving thanksgiving card into others. Find more Facts about The Feudal System here

Facts 10 President Bush Thanksgiving Day

Facts 10 President Bush Thanksgiving Day

Those are Facts about The First Thanksgiving. Hope you can understand when it first held and the reason of it held. Please enjoy.

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