10 Interesting Facts about the Mind

If you want to know the system of human mind, you need to read Facts about The Mind. All mental processes and psychic activities in an organized system are called as the mind. The detector of the mind is in our brain. There are many scientists and philosophers who want to describe and define the mind since the ancient era. Here are facts about human mind for you:

Facts about The Mind 1: the empiricist

The philosophers who called themselves as empiricists had an important belief about the mind. They thought that the mind could only get the knowledge from the experience.   Some empiricists who had this idea included John Locke, Aristotle and David Hume.

Facts about The Mind 2: the classical music

Many people believe that the power of mind of the babies will be increased if you play the classical music to the babies. But this belief was rejected by most scientists. There is no evidence about it. But the scientists believe that the kids who learn a musical instrument can develop their mental skill.


Mind Facts

Mind Facts

Facts about The Mind 3: the word mind

The mind was taken from the Old English word, gemynd. It means memory. The root of the word men was from the proto indo European. It means to think or to remember.

Facts about The Mind 4: the health of our mind

The mind of human being can view things negatively if they face the early stress, neglect, abuse and inconsistent discipline.  The people who have hypertension, diabetes and obesity and heart disease often have the higher risk of anxiety and depression.

Mind Image

Mind Image

Facts about The Mind 5: the human thoughts

Can you guess the human thoughts produced by the people every single day? A human brain can generate around 12,000 till 50,000 thoughts.

Facts about The Mind 6: the meditation

One way to avoid the risk of having anxiety, stress and depression is by enjoying meditation.  You can also do other relaxing activities such as yoga, exercising, watching comedy movies or even hanging out with friends.

Mind Pic

Mind Pic

Facts about The Mind 7: the suicidal mind

The people who have suicidal mind develop slower thinking about their future. They view the future as the hopeless time and focus more on the past failure.

Facts about The Mind 8: The conscious mind

The feelings, perceptions, sensations, fantasies and memories in our current awareness are included in the conscious mind.

Facts about the Mind

Facts about the Mind

Facts about The Mind 9: forget

The mind often forgets something because two purposes. The first one is used to avoid the emotional hangovers. The second one is used to avoid the overload information in the brain. It is okay for you to forget something. Get facts about brain here.

Facts about The Mind 10: synesthesia

Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense can stimulate another sense. A Russian journalist Solomon Shereshevsky had synesthesia.  It is very difficult for him to have a simple conversation or even reading a book.

Mind Pictures

Mind Pictures

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