10 Interesting Facts about the Military

If you want to know the military and Department of Defense in United States, you have to check out Facts about The Military. The military institution is very important not only in US but also in other parts of the world. The expenditure to make the military work is not small. It often takes the huge portion of the government’s money. Find out more facts about Military below:

Facts about The Military 1: The US president

There are 30 presidents who had served in the army. President Washington and President Eisenhower got the rank of five-star general. President Theodore Roosevelt got the Medal of Honor.

Facts about The Military 2: the active duty in Department of Defense

There are at least 1.8 million people who are on active duty in Department of Defense. There is no need to wonder that it has more employees compared to General Motors, Exxon, or GE.

Military Facts

Military Facts

Facts about The Military 3: mapping and exploring America

One of the main jobs of the army in the past was exploring and mapping America. Do you still remember the famous expedition of Lewis and Clark? Both had an expedition accompanied by the noncommissioned officers and army officers.

Facts about The Military 4: the land area

The US bases and facilities occupy the land area of 15,654 square miles.  They are bigger if you compare them with the combined New Jersey, Massachusetts and Washington DC.

Military Pic

Military Pic

Facts about The Military 5: the budget plan

Have you ever heard the 2013 budget plan launched by Pentagon? It is stated that this institution will cut the expenditure $487 billion over the next 10 years.

Facts about the Military 6: The Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is part of the US military. They have done a great job by seizing the illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. Every day, they seize the cocaine and marijuana with the total cost of $9,589,000.00.

Military Transport

Military Transport

Facts about the Military 7: Pentagon

When we talk about military in US, we should never forget Pentagon. This building was made during the World War II. You can find no marble in Pentagon since the Italy which had the great source of marble was the enemy of US at that time.

Facts about The Military 8: the military installation

In the overseas alone, the country owns 737 military installations.



Facts about The Military 9: the motto of Marine Corps

Can you tell me the motto of the Marine Corps? In 1883, the official motto of Semper Fidelis was adopted. It was taken from the Latin language which has the meaning Always Faithful. Get facts about the marines here.

Facts about The Military 10: Air Force’s F-117 fighter

The aerodynamics used by Air Force’s F-117 fighter was discovered in a research.

Facts about the Military

Facts about the Military

Are you impressed with military facts?

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