The 10 Most Polluted Places in The World

There are some country that are known as the most polluted area in the world. Basically, the place that known as the most polluted places are less known even in their own countries. According tho the experts, overall these places have affected 10 million people’s live. The type of pollution in these area are not only cancer, the rate of birth defects, mental retardation, and the expectancy of live close to the mid-level, but also those that often found in various part in the world. Here the most polluted area, are:

1. Liften, China

Liften China

Liften has been known as the most polluted city in the world. It is situated along the banks of the Fen river. The population says that they often choke in the night because of the dust and smoke coal.

2. Ranipet, India

Ranipet India

The Ranipet city has been a victim of serious groundwater pollution by heavy metals and is considered as one among the most toxic places. Ranipet is a locality and part of  Vellore city in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. It has polluted groundwater in this area with Hexavalent chromium. if you drink water in this area so you felt stung by an insect bite.

3. La Oroya, Peru

La Oroya Peru

The la Oroya is the location of a smelting, where is the metal processing plant that causes the toxic emissions of lead, who owned by Missouri-based Doe Run Corporation. Lead is the contaminant that shows up most frequently on Blacksmith’s list because the toll it takes on children can be so devastating.

4. Dzerzinks, Russia

Dzerzinks Russia

Dzerzinks is one of the top country that produced chemical weapon in the last cold war. Therefore this city is known as a large centre of the Russian chemicals production industry. This city is situated along the Oka river 400 kilometers east of Moscow.

5. Mailuu-Suu, Kyrgyzstan

Mailuu Suu Kyrgyzstan

Mailuu was found to be one of the most polluted sites in the world. For the house of 2 million cubic meters that has been threatening radioactive all residents in the vicinity of the Ferghana’s Valley, one of the most fertile and densely population in Central Asia also have experienced high seismic activity.

6. Norilsk, Russia

Norilsk Russia

Norilsk is one of the most polluted city in the world, because of due to the intense mining.

7. Rudnaya Pristan, Russia

Rudnaya Pristan

Rudnaya pristan is the city in the Russian Far East whose residents suffer from serious lead poisoning from an old smelter and the unsafe transport of lead concentrate from the local lead mining site. Lead contamination on children’s blood are 8 to 20 times maximun level U.S lead that are allowed.

8. Chernoby, Ukraine

Chernobyl Ukraine

Chernoby city used to be an administrative center of the Chernobyl Raion since 1932. The radioactive are still taste there after the nuclear explosion case 24 years ago, so this are is not known.

9. Kabwe Zambia

Kabwe Zambia

Kabwe Zambia is the capital of Zambian center Province with a population estimated at 210,000. The contamination of lead in children’s blood in this place 50-10 times the EPA maximum allowable limits.

10. Haina, Dominica Republic


This city has contaminated very severe because the recycling of waste batteries. Santo Domingo is the first settlement of European nations in the western hemisphere of the earth, and is the capital of this country.

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