10 Interesting Facts about the Mars Rover

Facts about The Mars Rover tell you about the technology used by the people to take videos and pictures on Mars. It is also used to lazer zapping the rocks and scarps the oil samples in Mars. Mars is always the main research subject of scientists since some of them believe that a life could exist here. Find out more facts about the Mars Rover by reading the following post below:

Facts about The Mars Rover 1: the weight of rover

The Mars Rover has the weight of 384 pounds or 174 kilogram. It has the dimension of 4.9 feet high by 7.5 feet wide by 5.2 feet long.

Facts about The Mars Rover 2: the wheels

The wheels of the Mars River are six pieces. The diameter of the wheel is around 10 inches. The science investigation can be conducted in Mars by the scientists on earth for the Mars rover has some cameras.

Mars Rover Curiosity

Mars Rover Curiosity

Facts about The Mars Rover 3: the function of the rover

The Mars rover is used by the scientists to study various kinds of items in Mars such as the soil, atmosphere and rocks.   In one day, it can travel 110 yards or 100 meters. There are 8 heaters located in the rover to keep the electronics and batteries warm.

Facts about The Mars Rover 4: the temperature of night

During the night, the temperature is around -157 degree F or -105 degree C. The batteries will be recharged during the daytime from the sunlight.

Mars Rover Facts

Mars Rover Facts

Facts about The Mars Rover 5: the rovers on Mars

The Rivers will make observation on Mars for 90 days.

Facts about The Mars Rover 6: the laser

The head of the river features the lasers which can be used to shoot pictures at the distance up to 23 feet. The lasers can also vaporize anything passed by the rover. The main function of this vaporized substance is to find out whether Mars is safe or toxic.

Mars Rover Image

Mars Rover Image

Facts about The Mars Rover 7: the cameras

There are 17 cameras which can be used to capture the pictures as small as 12.5 micron. You can compare with the width of this picture with a human hair.

Facts about the Mars Rover 8: Curiosity

Curiosity is one of the famous rovers in Mars. It can bore the Martian rocks deeper due to the two inch drill.

Mars Rover

Mars Rover

Facts about The Mars Rover 9: the weight of Curiosity

You can compare the weight of Curiosity with the weight of Mini Cooper. It has the weight of 1,982 pounds. Find out another technology in facts about light bulb.

Facts about The Mars Rover 10: the speed

The speed of this rover is around 13,200 miles per hour.

Facts about The Mars Rover

Facts about The Mars Rover

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