10 Interesting Facts about the Moon

Let’s find out Facts about The Moon if you want to know the natural satellite of earth. Human being had gone to moon. Do you know that Neil Armstrong is the first person who walked on moon? It is the only natural satellite of earth for it orbits the earth. In the solar system, it is the fifth largest moon. Here are other facts about the moon for you:

Facts about The Moon 1: the orbit of the moon

The moon takes 27.3 days to orbit our planet.  The distance of the moon to the earth is around 238857 miles or 384403 kilometers.

Facts about The Moon 2: the tallest mountain on moon

Do you know the highest mountain on moon? It is Mons Huygens. The height of this mountain is 4700 meters.

Facts about the Moon

Facts about the Moon

Facts about The Moon 3: the formation of moon

There are many theories about the formation of moon. The most accepted one is that moon was created from the left over debris from the giant impact of a Mars sized body and earth.  It was created around 4.5 billion years ago.

Facts about The Moon 4: the brightness

The moon is called as the second brightest visible object that you can view from the earth on the sky. The brightest one is the sun. You can find the bright white illumination on the moon on the sky. Actually the moon is not bright. It is dark. The illumination is of a product of reflectance.

Moon Facts

Moon Facts

Facts about The Moon 5: the importance of moon

The moon is very important to the life of human being not only today but also in the ancient time. You can find that the moon was linked with the ancient mythology, calendars, language and art.

Facts about The Moon 6: view from the earth

The people on earth can only view 60 percent of moon’s surface from the sky. It is due to the fact that the moon rotates on its axis. The near side is the side of the moon that we can view from the sky. The other side is called the far side since we cannot see it. Get earth facts here.

Moon Parts

Moon Parts

Facts about The Moon 7: The Soviet Union’s Luna program

In 1966, the Soviet Union created a history by having the first successful landing of an unmanned spacecraft on moon. It was called the Soviet Union’s Luna program.

Facts about The Moon 8: Apollo 11 mission

In 1969, the first manned moon landing achieved by NASA Apollo 11 of USA. Neil Armstrong took the record as the first man who walked on moon. Get facts about first moon landing here.

Facts about the Moon

Facts about the Moon

Facts about The Moon 9: the surface

The surface of moon features a lot of craters. It is due to the fact that the surface of moon is often hit by the comets or asteroids.

Facts about The Moon 10: the moon phase

Some important moon phases include the New Moon, Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Crescent, and New Moon.

Moon Surface

Moon Surface

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